CMK Enterprises announces the release of its new Ma Devlins coconut oil product in Glasgow, UK. TheVirgin Coconut Oil is 100% organic and certified by USDA, ECC and Kosher. What makes this coconut oil product one of a kind in the market is its absolute taste that is very delicious and its affordability. To ensure freshness and premium quality, the production process of the product entails  a cycle of cold presses of organic coconuts that have been freshly picked.

The pressed oil is pure and sold in jars of 500 ml. In addition to being organic and certified, the cold pressed coconut oil contains the healthy trans fats and is free from cholesterol. The product is perfect for vegans and vegetarians or even those who are on weight loss diets. The South Asian cuisine is stored at room temperature. However, if it melts or solidifies, its contents, natural aroma of sweetness and goodness is not lost.

Ma Devlin’s Coconut Oil should be taken one tablespoon every day. It can be spread on toast, bread or even sandwiches as butter due to its natural sweet taste. Moreover, the versatility of the oil allows it to be used as cooking oil, or even added to smoothies and beverage drinks. For those who love baking, they can add some aroma to their baked foods using this great oil made from pressed coconuts. The product is also loved for its hair conditioning and skin nourishing properties.

According to Weston A Price Foundation, “Coconut oil provides additional benefits. It strengthens the immune system and promotes optimal development of the brain and nervous system. It protects against cancer and heart disease, and promotes healthy bones. Finally, coconut oil seems to be the best fat for ensuring the proper uptake of omega-3 fatty acids into the tissues.” In fact, the oil has often been described as the healthiest diet in existence globally and referred to as a ‘bottle drugstore’.

According to a professor at the Michigan State University, Dr. John Kabara, “Not only is coconut oil not a “dietary poison”, but it contains a remarkable fat called monolaurin. This medium-chain fat, first discovered in my laboratory, represents one of the most exceptional and inspiring group of fats found in nature. This is the same unique fat, available naturally from mother’s milk and coconut oil.”

Dick Gregory says that, “If you take 12 ounces of waters from the coconut … the fresh coconuts, …, if you take them within 24 hours, your blood will go back to the way it was when you were born.” Several studies have proven that coconuts are the gateways to a clean bill of health and with this new product yet to be launched, consumers have a reason to smile irrespective of the benefit they expect to receive by using it.

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