VoiceOnyx Launches Florida Internet Options

A service normally exclusive to VoiceOnyx serviced customers has now been opened up to all Florida businesses. With so many business applications and services dependent on a Internet connection, monitoring your network's health and knowing your options is critical.

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Since it's establishment, VoiceOnyx has monitored, in real-time, all of its customers Internet connections. and offered proactive notifications and disaster recovery. “We have a real time pulse of our customers connections similar to how a nurses station at a hospital has a centralized view of the vital signs for their patients” says Stephen Wall, VoiceOnyx's Internet quality assurance specialist. Most businesses don't understand that there are many more metrics to your Internet connection's health then a speed test that reports your download and upload or bandwidth.

“We monitor metrics such as packet loss, latency, and jitter which in some cases are more important then bandwidth” says Edward in the network operations center of VoiceOnyx. This service has been very effective for VoiceOnyx customers who can rely on a vast knowledge base and performance data collected over years on thousands of connections.

VoiceOnyx is now extending a program called “Florida Internet Options” for non VoiceOnyx customers in the State of Florida. The program is designed to offer complimentary consulting services to Florida businesses looking to solve their Internet issues, including what other options are available in their area. In addition to consulting, VoiceOnyx will provide historical and real time monitoring and assist in educating a business on how to identify and understand any performance issues.

Currently, businesses without any monitoring services, rely on their providers diagnostic tools. “It is common to find the large ISP technical support agents use first call resolution techniques that result in denying any issues on their end” says Edward . VoiceOnyx hopes that providing this service will empower and educate the average business customer while also introducing VoiceOnyx highly reliable business phone systems and services.

VoiceOnyx is a licensed and insured telecommunications company and provides services throughout the State of Florida. VoiceOnyx was established in 2006 and is headquartered in Orlando, FL.