Fiber Optic Tools from SYOPTEK Making Fiber Optic Stripping, Cleaving and Troubleshooting a Breeze

China - SYOPTEK, a China based manufacturer of optical grade fiber optic tools, now offers a wide assortment of fiber optic tools that can make fiber optic stripping, cleaving, troubleshooting effortless on the part of field technicians. The manufacturer now offers single-mode bare fiber adapter, fiber cleaver, alcohol dispensing bottle, fiber scrap collector, fiber optic disposal unit, replacement blades, and hundreds of other industry-grade tools that can be very effective in fiber optic stripping, slicing, cleaning and troubleshooting.

Apart from the standard fiber optic tools, the China based manufacturer also offers a broad range of fiber optic cleavers that include high-precision fiber cleaver, fiber optic scribes, fiber optic replacement blades and fiber scrap collectors. The owners informed the press that all the specialized tools are made to fit precision engineering needs and are manufactured in full compliance with the global standards. The Shenzhen factory of SYOPTEK is certified by ISO9001:2008 and spans over an area of 6,000 square meters. The Xiamen factory of the company is also located over an area of 1000 square meters. The owners claimed that they have the right technologies and workforce to produce world-class fiber optic tools.

Apart from cleavers, fiber optic cleaning tools, fiber cable slitters, fiber optic adapters and fiber optic crimp tools, the company also produces eight different types of fiber optic stripper. The list includes buffer tube strippers, single fiber strippers, co-axial cable strippers and so on. The owners of SYOPTEK said that all the products are manufactured keeping in mind the pragmatic aspects of day-to-day operations, and field technicians can actually reap a range of benefits by using these cost-effective fiber optic tools.

“The fiber optic tools that we have been producing since 2005, when this company was incorporated, are all made in accordance with the industry standards. We manufacture our products keeping in mind the actual needs of the field technicians and our objective is to serve them with the highest quality products. We are currently investing more in research and development and hopefully, we will add a few more products in each category in the near future”, told the CEO and managing director of SYOPTEK.

About the Company

SYOPTEK is a globally recognized and acclaimed manufacturer of fiber optic tools.

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