Maxcon software talks about sales lead conversions in construction business on blog

United States 3rd March 2014 - There are many things that the brand MaxCon is known in the market for and being the best construction project management software is only one of them. The company has today become one of the richest sources of information on a variety of aspects related to this competitive industry. In a recent update, the company has talked at length about sales lead conversions in the construction business on its official blog. Visit to know more!


Buying the right construction management software for your firm can be a daunting task but if you have a brand such as MaxCon on your side, everything becomes easy and satisfying. Owned and marketed by Fortuna Logistics, LLC, this software has become the industry standard in the construction world of US with more and more enterprises relying on it every day for their work management requirements. 


“Wonder what methods give a roofing or other contractor that fastest path to improving construction profits overall?  It’s closing more of the sales leads you already have. Yes, monitoring construction job costing help to ensure that costs are managed. Now, think about the front end, in the sales process, by converting leads in a more organized and efficient way so that construction profits grow.  The experience of many contractors, especially those in the specialized trades like roofing construction, find that the job of managing leads can be a tiresome and time wasting. From our experience as contractors, and with talking with scores of other contractors, we find that a typical conversion rate using traditional methods of sales lead organization and management is around one-third.  One estimate of from a very sales focused roofing contractor using traditional paper based methods of sales meetings, handing out leads, more meeting, and follow ups was that he was able to achieve 40% sales conversion rate.   That’s right, for every 10 leads coming in the door, he was able to move four out of ten into the “sold” column.” explains the owner of Fortuna Logistics, LLC and the website


The company has used many graphics and other innovative means to put their point across in this interesting upload. Make sure you log onto their blog to check it out.


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MaxCon provides your construction company with the Tools for Success. Their Construction Project Management Software rises above the rest and their business network of partners have the resources to make your company grow. It is a cloud-based CRM and project management system that’s fast, powerful and offers easy to use tools for success. MaxCon keeps your whole team organized, accountable and on the same page.



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