Wiles celebrates health and wellness in the month of May

 Los Angeles, CA – Wiles stands in unison with the rest of the world as the words, “Bring back our girls” graces the cover of this month’s issue.

One of the greatest issues plaguing our nation’s well-being is human trafficking. Wiles urges everyone to join the “Bring Back Our Girls movement, creating a message of unity, courage, but above all a world that is safe for our children.


Wiles’ May issue is a reminder that we should all be living a healthy lifestyle- one that promotes not only physical health but relationally, economically, and emotional well-being. Wiles has brought together different ways in order to get the world moving towards a new you!  


 This month is dedicated to promoting healthy bodies through the “Wiles Workout Mix” and the hidden secrets of America’s eating habits uncovered by Katie Couric’s new documentary “Fed Up”. Our “Mr. Right” is also a perfect representative of what it means to be healthy as Mr. Robert Christopher Riley, spotlights as one of the healthiest men in Hollywood.

In our “Purse Strings” section you’ll learn how to keep your finances in tip top shape while in our column of “What He Wants”, you’ll gain new insight on how to manage a healthy relationship.


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Contact: Beverly Calero, Editorial Assistant