Award-Winning “IT” Girl of I.T. Kathy David Expands Her Vision And Finds ‘Ultimate Success’

San Diego, CA – March 3, 2014 - Considering the multiple awards bestowed upon Kathy David and her husband Jeff, and the ever-evolving success story of their company, the Northern San Diego County based IT TechPros, it’s easy and clever to brand Kathy the way some media outlets have as the ‘It’ Girl of I.T.

Since its founding in January 2006, the managed services and solutions providers have delivered IT consulting services to a wide range of industries, including manufacturing, education, legal, commercial construction, financial institutions and other commercial businesses.

Building on a growing list of accolades starting with The Asian Heritage Association’s Excellence in Entrepreneurship Award in 2010, Kathy enjoyed a banner year in 2013. IT TechPros was named 2013 Supplier of the Year Class I by the Women’s Business Enterprise Council-West (WBEC-West), as well as 2013 Minority-Owned Business of the Year, awarded by the San Diego District of the Small Business Administration.   

But as powerful a force as Kathy has become in the IT world, that’s just the start of the Philippines born, San Francisco raised dynamo who, in addition to being an inspirational entrepreneur, is fast becoming a small business leader, an in demand motivational speaker and renowned author.

Near the top of her soon to be launched website (, renowned motivational speaker and author Brian Tracy in just a few well chosen words captures the essence of the multi-talented, wildly ambitious and dedicated force of nature: “Kathy David is a remarkable executive and an incredibly sensitive business woman, who is a wonderful presenter of information and ideas.”

Tracy is intimately familiar with Kathy’s ever expansive vision, having co-authored with her The Ultimate Success Guide, an anthology, released in March 2013, featuring chapters detailing revolutionary business philosophies by many of today’s most innovative Celebrity Experts. Her chapter, entitled “Seven IT Must Haves In Running a Business,” earned her induction into the National Academy of Best-Selling Authors and a “Quilly” Award in September 2013.

Kathy has been coached personally by Tracy as part of her inclusion in his globally renowned Speakers Academy; in February, 2014, she is taking his course to become certified as a Sales Trainer. As part of her and Jeff’s plan to continue to grow IT TechPros (which currently has a staff of ten) while allowing her time to pursue these exciting new endeavors, she says, “We plan to bring on more new people and train them to work in managed IT services, while in my other work I am fulfilling my desire to do basic sales training for professionals and small businesses in many other fields.”

Kathy is also one of the featured co-authors of “The Power of Leadership – Finding the Leader Within” and the author of “Do I.T. Yourself – Insider to PC Tune-Ups.”

She is also currently involved in educating owners of small businesses on how to leverage the right technology tools to help them run and grow those firms. It is her experience that small businesses are overwhelmed by changing technology and need to learn how to manage the tools that are available. 

A Southern California based technical assistance program company has hired Kathy to provide such business related tech assistance to small firms – and she has done this for over 200 small business owners in Los Angeles, the Irvine (South Orange County) area and San Diego. She teaches the same strategies that she developed in making IT TechPros a thriving business. She will be offering classes on a monthly basis in the San Diego area throughout 2014.  

IT TechPros specializes in help desk support, network administration, hosted cloud services, hosted infrastructure, hosted exchange, hosted webtop, hardware installations, lifecycle management, and IT consulting. The firm’s help desk services allow clients to direct their employees’ computer issues to IT TechPros’ Help Desk Support and increase their productivity, and improve customer satisfaction by avoiding computer downtime. Solving many issues remotely, IT TechPros in essence becomes a virtual extension of its clients’ companies.

Another foundational element of the success of IT TechPros—which makes Kathy an invaluable resource as a small business leader and entrepreneurial motivator—is the independent, customized approach she and Jeff take with their clients.

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