The A-List Channel on Youtube - Launches April 20, 2015

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                   The A-List Channel on Youtube

Michael Kors, Katy Perry, Aaron Carter, YouTube star xXTheMakeUpGuruXx to Lead Impressive Line-Up for Channel Launch

Amsterdam, April 20, 2015: The age of the basement blogger dominating YouTube is coming to an end. Premium Celebrity Content and Branded Celebrity Content arrive on YouTube today courtesy of the creators behind original series programming for Amazon, Inc's Zappos and Zappos Couture. Now you can subscribe to a YouTube channel where you'll find exclusive interviews with your favorite stars, 5 days a week:

MTV and CBS Television Studios veteran and Founder/President of A-List Content, Canaan Rubin reaches for the stars when launching new concepts for the small screen. Rubin, who brought fans face-to-face with their favorite pop stars on his MTV series Duets, now brings A-List stars and Fashion Icons into the hands of everyday folks on Youtube. “It’s a different generation of celebrity and certainly a different generation of viewer, and as viewing habits shift it’s about connecting the right content to the right fan on the right platform at the right time. The web and innovative social media tools enable just that”, Rubin says of The A-List Channel which promises an ambitious 5 days of original celebrity programming every week on the YouTube.

The A-List Channel ( will re-introduce several original web series Rubin, and his partner at A-List Content Victoria Recano, created for Zappos and Zappos Couture, to new fans. The Trend, Rockit Shop, and My Street Style will air alongside new concepts like Celebrity Must Haves on Monday. “Keep it simple - that’s the rule on the web and our Monday series is a great example of that. We ask stars ‘What is the one thing you simply cannot live without?’ and we tap other popular YouTubers to host for us so their fans get access to our big name stars and vice versa.” Rubin partnered with Zoomin.TV, one of the world’s top 10 MCN’s (multi-channel networks) for distribution. “I met with Maker’s (Studio) and they’re great, but they’re LA based. Zoomin offered us greater global reach and support in markets where Michael Kors has millions of fans in Europe, Asia, The Middle East, etc..”

Rubin spent 20 years at Entertainment Tonight inside the Hollywood machine interviewing the worlds’ biggest stars and working side by side with the largest media companies including Disney, Universal, CBS, and FOX on global promotional campaigns. “It used to be about blasting the entire world with the same message at, for example, a Tom Cruise movie premiere.” Rubin says today “celebrities, brands, and taste-makers have learned to use a smaller voice often with self-created and curated content and finding they have potentially greater impact if they effectively self-target their core audience. We partner with brands and celebrities to help them connect those increasingly difficult to connect dots.”