A Day in the Life of a Network/Security Operations Engineer

WHAT: A Day in Life of a Security Operations Engineer, a BrightTALK webinar
WHEN: August 28, 2014 8AM PST (and on-demand post event)
FOR WHOM: Network Operations Engineer, Security Operations Engineer
SPEAKER: Icaro Vazquez, Senior Security Product Manager at VSS Monitoring


Security Threats and Network Complexity have been evolving at an accelerating speed and are moving from lower layers to Layer 7 and finally to the cloud. As a Network Engineer and a Security Operations Engineer, do you ever feel like it is impossible to catch up to the bad actors? Do you live in a world of ever-tightening budgets where you are asked to do more with fewer tools? Do you feel like the tools we, Network Equipment Manufacturers and Security Providers, provide are complicated to setup and maintain? Do you find yourself spending inordinate amounts of time trying to setup Layered Security Defenses?

VSS Monitoring has been involved in countless security deployments with Enterprises and Service Providers of all sizes. Join us for a webinar where we discuss major pain points we have seen in working with Network Professionals and Security Engineers (check if our list looks similar to yours) and how our solutions can help simplify your life so you can get back to what you do best: optimize and protect the network.

About Icaro Vazquez
Icaro Vazquez is the senior Security Product Manager at VSS Monitoring. He began his career as a Software Engineer and eventually transitioned to Product Management where he has spent the bulk of his career. Icaro has been working in the Networking arena for more than seven years with an emphasis in Security for most of that time. A veteran of five startups, Icaro holds a B.S. in Computer Science from Tec de Monterrey in Mexico, a M.S. in Computer Science from the University of Colorado at Boulder and an MBA from Rice University.

About VSS Monitoring
VSS Monitoring is a world leader in network packet brokers (NPB), providing a visionary, unique systems approach to integrating network switching and the broad ecosystem of network analytics, security, and monitoring tools. Learn more at