Fact-sheet Highlights Genesys Pain Points & Opportunities

Genesys products are trusted by over 4,500 companies in 80 countries. But are all customers getting the most from their investments? That's the issue tackled by a fact-sheet published by the global contact center specialist PSS Help, which highlights four common pain-points and suggests clear opportunities for dramatic improvement.

PSS is well qualified to raise the issues. As well as being a Genesys partner, the company is trusted by enterprises, carriers and service providers across the US, Europe, Asia and Australia. These amount to thousands of contact centers and millions of end-users. Through its consultancy, integration and support contracts, PSS has a 'down at the coal face' awareness of what's working well with Genesys and what could be better.

"Genesys continues to enhance the multi-channel customer experience with every new release," says Tony porter, Chief Marketing Executive, at PSS. "But keeping Genesys products working at their best can present major challenges because such an advanced solution is inevitably complex to manage, upgrade and fine-tune."

In its fact-sheet, PSS pinpoints four areas where substantial gains are possible: Simplifying Genesys administration; equipping agents with advanced and cost-effective desktops; developing a Genesys 8 upgrade path; and getting ready access to Genesys expertise.

"In many cases, companies can reduce high professional service costs, long lead times and any significant risks. At the same time, they can divert more of their energies and resources into ways that give them a competitive advantage through better customer interactions," adds Tony. "The fact-sheet goes straight to the heart of the issues."

You can access the Genesys fact-sheet here

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