Timber Fencing Services from Amazing Fencing

[Sydney, May 8, 2014]—Amazing Fencing, one of the leading fencing companies in Australia, offers improved timber fencing services. The offering is part of the company’s commitment to providing customers a wide range of fencing services that not only augment the protection of homes, but also enhance the property’s resale value.

Going Back to Basics

Amazing Fencing believes that wooden fences will never go out of fashion. They say that a good old-fashioned solid timber face is an enduring example of such a fencing choice. Timber fencing exudes a natural appeal and softens the surroundings with a rustic appeal while offering security.

Amazing Fencing takes great pride their choice of materials. Their preferred choice of wood when tackling timber projects is “treated pine.” This special wood is treated to H3 and H4 levels, in compliance with the AS 1604. This compliance is proof that Amazing Fencing makes a conscious effort to help save the environment, not only through the use of an easily renewable plant, but also in reducing the level of greenhouse gases.



When it comes to privacy, Amazing Fencing can build timber fences up to 2.4 metres high. They provide windbreaks for exposed areas and natural thermal walls for gardens, as they’re good at reflecting heat. When it comes to design, timber fences can suit any home design or theme. Installation isn’t very difficult work; Amazing fences can even install them in sloped areas. Moreover, timber fences can resist termites, decay, and certain weather elements, too.


About Amazing Fencing

Since its founding in 1989, Amazing Fencing has been one of the leading companies that provide fencing services in Australia. The company comprises of a team of licenced tradespersons and planners who make sure that whatever happens, customers are always protected. They specialise in colour bound fencing, chain wire and security, gates, retaining walls, timber fencing, and slat/screen fencing.  Amazing Fencing sources their materials only from reputable suppliers. They also offer their patented selection of Colour sealed Smart fence, which has a 10-year warranty. Amazing Fencing is widely recognised for their excellent customer service system.


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