Central College Participates in ‘Early Support’ Program

Contact Information
Isha Aggarwal, Director of Public Relations
Central College
100 College Avenue
Boston, MA 02201
Telephone: (609) 721-2792

Interview Contact Information
Joanne Robinson, Education Officer
Telephone: (200) 929-0744


Key Points:

  • Central College participates in "Early Support" program that enhances graduating high school seniors' education level to be competitive with their college peers freshmen year
  • Massachusetts Education Research Foundation (MERF) selected Central College because of its expert capabilities in electronic learning program
  • Central College agreed to accept and provide financial aid to all applicants succeeding in "Early Support" program
  • 5 participating institutions: Central College, Boston College, Simmons College, Regis College, and Emerson College


  • “Our ‘Early Support’ professors are committed to providing exclusive online and interactive support for students,” Antoine St. Pierre, director of academic computing, said.
  • "In the next five years, Central College will become more competitive with 'Ivy-League' institutions because of raised admission standards," President Leon Dewitt said.

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Since its founding in 1902, Central College has provided a liberal arts, non-denominational education to its students. The private institution currently enrolls more than 5,000 students between its Boston, MA., main campus and smaller annex campus. Central College established itself as the first institution of higher education and now is the leader in online learning programs in the area. For more information about Central College, please visit