Golf expert will teach people the main categories of the gold club in today's golf sports

China - Golf is one kind of complex sport. At the same time, the golf sport also has the complex equipment especially for its golf club. If people only played golf for several times, they probably do not know the detailed classification of the golf clubs. In general, a completely set of golf clubs should contain the wood clubs, iron clubs and the putter. Today, the golf expert from website which is the best online seller for best clone golf clubs will introduce with people the detailed description about these three types of golf clubs.

The first type should be the wooded golf clubs. The effect is to win the necessary distance in golf playing process. Furthermore, the length of the wooden gold clubs is longer than the normal iron golf clubs. The longer length could largely increase the swinging arc and then the hitting strength and club head speed could also be increased. Wood golf often includes the 1st Wood club (Driver), 3-wood club (Spoon), 5-wood club. Among them, the 3-wood and the 5-woood clubs are also known as the Fairway Wood clubs.

The second type should be the iron clubs. The purpose of this kind of iron gold clubs is mainly the chasing for the accuracy so that the ball will be more accessible to the target holes. In a word, one set of completely iron golf clubs could be divided into the 1 to 9 iron club. However, most of players have already removed the 1st and the 2nd iron clubs. Depending on the length and the role of iron clubs, they can be divided into long iron club, middle length iron clubs, the short iron and special iron. The long gold iron clubs are generally used for long fairway and the short iron club could be used for the playing on the putting green and the special clubs includes the Pitching Wedge, sand wedge as well as some special angle clubs such as Lobbing Wedge, which are generally used for special circumstances such as long grass, hard ball position and bunker.

In addition to the wooden and iron clubs, the putter should be the special golf club among them. People could easily find this kind of clone club on website clone golf clubs . This kind of golf club is mainly used for push the golf ball into the score hole on the green. This kind of golf club could be the most crucial part at the end of the gold scoring process. The better applying for this club is very important for all golf players.

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