KOYO bearing the correct maintenance and maintenance method

First of all, the spindle spindle KOYO bearing during operation,Dynamic Load Rating Of NACHI Bearing to fully guarantee the lubrication, and according to the actual usage add lubricating oil regularly, not long time cutting oil. So, for the user enterprise, should choose a better, more suitable spindle lubricating oil. New special spindle oil can significantly improve the lubrication performance, extend the oil change period, prolong the service life of the spindle and KOYO bearings, also has good anti-rust, anti-corrosion performance, etc.

Second, the world import KOYO bearing product specifications about a total of 150000 in cage KOYO bearing reinforced nylon material, using temperature should be lower than 120 ℃, it is strictly prohibited to cooking oil to clean.

In addition, the spindle maintenance should be paid attention to when cleaning method, to prevent damage or scratch the surface of the roller. Try to eliminate KOYO bearing parts of the residue, flushing, suction bolsters internal clean should be adopted the method of residual oil is preferred. Attention should be paid to avoid the dumping of type and make clean garbage accumulation residue in KOYO bearing parts, lead to KOYO bearings produce the problem such as noise, wear failure.