Aureus Medical Group discusses travel nursing and caring for cancer patients

Omaha, NE (July 9, 2015) – A travel nurse who works in oncology will treat cancer patients in many settings, such as acute care hospitals, ambulatory care clinics, radiation treatment centers, and specialty practices. No matter the facility, nurses need to be aware of the complexities that go along with treating cancer patients.

There are a lot of roles that you may have to take on when working with oncologists, and this often requires a lot of knowledge as well as compassion.

"While cancer patients look to all their caregivers to address issues related to their well-being, nurses are usually involved in a patient's care over the entire course of their illness," Mark Israel, director of the Norris Cotton Cancer Center, explained. "They take on aspects of cancer care that go far beyond actual medical issues, serving as a sounding board for personal challenges or marital and family issues, while working to deliver care, relieve pain, and minimize symptoms."

Knowing the basics
If you've worked in travel nursing before, you already know the importance of being flexible in a variety of clinical settings. In cancer centers or oncology facilities, knowing your basic nursing skills is even more important because you will need to focus on being uplifting, encouraging, and passionate.

The first thing you need to do with cancer patients, especially if they are undergoing chemotherapy, is to check the doctor's orders and lab work. Sarah Spurek, an oncology-certified nurse who has been working at the Center Treatment Centers of America facility in Tulsa for 10 years, said that explaining the treatment process to the patient every step of the way is also important. She advised spacing out fluids, medications, and chemotherapy during your shifts, as you might be treating up to a dozen cancer patients on one floor. Spacing out these fluids can allow you to keep track of their process and make the most of your time with each individual.

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