Aureus Medical discusses healthcare informatics: A growing job sector for travel nurses

Omaha, NE (August 13, 2015) - There are a lot of jobs becoming more and more popular within the healthcare field today. Travel nursing jobs leader, Aureus Medical Group, discusses one area in particular travel nurses might want to focus: healthcare informatics.

As millennials enter the workforce, a focus on tech in healthcare has become more prevalent. Because so many of these individuals have grown accustomed to tech solutions in their day-to-day lives, it's no surprise that healthcare informatics is becoming a growing job field.

Healthcare informatics at a glance
Any system that is used to document patient data is considered part of the health informatics industry. Many of these are driven by electronic health records and health information exchange guidelines. However, there is an analytical side to this industry as well.

Tech advancements in healthcare are nothing new, but as EHRs and other medical software become more sophisticated, there is a need to connect patients, other medical personnel and administrative professionals in the healthcare field under these healthcare informatics guidelines. Healthcare informatics is rooted in data, but it also connects all of the branches of healthcare together, including clinical, financial and technological tasks.

According to the American Health Information Management Association, "health information management and technology are among the fastest growing of any market sector." There are many changes happening in healthcare that are influencing this rapid job growth, including the U.S. healthcare structure as well as regulatory changes.

What's driving healthcare informatics?
EHRs and HIE standards have been operating in the healthcare field for some time, as you know as a travel nurse. However, in the past five years since the Affordable Care Act was enacted, there has been a renewed focus on using tech tools to modernize the U.S. healthcare system, improve patient care and bolster preventative disease efforts.

One of the biggest government investments into this change was the meaningful use program, a timeline set up by the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services that funneled billions of dollars to healthcare providers so that they could install new EHR systems or upgrade existing EHR platforms. However, there are several benchmarks, or "stages," that the CMS requires to participate in the program, otherwise the CMS issues penalties. Because administrators at hospitals, practices and other providers want to remain financially solvent and avoid these fees, many medical professionals have turned to healthcare informatics professionals in order to gain insight and clinical knowledge.

As such, there has been a lot of interest in healthcare informatics jobs lately, and the market trends aren't expected to slow down anytime soon.

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