Mini mobility self balancing skateboard manufacturer Airwheel epitome of high-tech innovations, epitome of high-tech innovations

With the city air quality worsening and fog days increasing, people are fully aware of the serous environment problems and focus on environmental protections. Nowadays, a new type of transport alternative-self-balancing electric scooter, gives rise to the boom of riding life. Let’s have look at Airwheel that is epitome of high-tech innovations and see how high techs can benefit daily life.

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Airwheel, as a new type of green transport alternative that outperforms traditional electric scooters in many ways, such as smaller size, stronger overloading capacity and lower energy consumption, and is the fruit of the most advanced high-techs, new materials and humanized designs. Based on the theory of dynamic equilibrium, Airwheel self-balancing electric scooter is designed to have huge self-balancing capability realized by the built-in multi-axial gyroscope and accelerated speed sensor which intelligently estimate the posture and conditions of the scooter, and then through the precise high-speed calculations, an intelligent chip sends out instructions to drive the motor and keep balance automatically.

The flexibility of Airwheel hoverboard mainly depends on the built-in intelligent chip that works in accordance with the theory of aerospace posture control, fuzzy algorithm, and gyroscope system to keep balance from all directions. The application of the world’s top processors architecture makes many performance improvements, and the central processing is capable of making 1024 floating-point arithmetic with intelligent chip that responses much faster than normal intelligent chips.

Airwheel outperforms traditional transports for its intelligence, which is well reflected in its protection mechanism. Every type of Airwheel has functions of leaning protection, speed limit, low-power precaution etc. The intelligent chip is like the brain of the electric scooter that can evaluate the driving state, speed, safety value, battery reserve in real-time automatically, ensuring rider’s safety to the maximum.

The mobile App is complement to Airwheel intelligent electric scooters. Airwheel has developed its exclusive App to know the real-time data and even realize App fault self-diagnosis to guarantee your safety before travelling and attentive intelligent design to set the speed level.

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