Modern Solutions for Incredible Offshore Tax-efficiency

Singapore City, Singapore – May 6, 2014Healy Consultants are proud with their more than 12 years of successful business incorporations worldwide.

We know that operating globally through an offshore business, while having diverse advantages, bears difficulties, including:

i) Negative international perception;

ii) Increased due diligence when obtaining corporate bank account;

iii) Increased reporting, if registered in a reputable jurisdictions.

Healy Consultants are ready to help you negate these effects for an efficient and seamless offshore business registration.

About reversing the negative effects

Firstly, offshore businesses often receive negative perception when registered in traditional tax heaven. These include:

i) the British Virgin Islands;

ii) Isle of Man;

iii) Cayman Islands and others.

Nowadays, international business no longer relies on these jurisdictions and opts to set up in reputable ones, such as Singapore, Hong Kong and Ireland. Having similar tax reliefs, while being significantly more transparent and accepted worldwide, these stable jurisdiction offer modern entrepreneurs the tax-efficiency they are looking for!

About straightforward solutions to obtain offshore corporate banking

Secondly, international banks continue to tighten the monitoring and due diligence for offshore companies, located in traditional tax heavens. Consequently, obtaining an approval for opening your corporate bank account can be time-consuming and bears the risk of negative outcome.

Healy Consultants’ corporate banking opening team boast is able to secure offshore banking with reputable banking institutions, including HSBC and Standard Chartered.

To this day the team enjoys 100% success rate!

About the higher annual reporting

Lastly, we concluded that the best option for offshore businesses is to be set up in a reputable tax-efficient jurisdiction. Negatively, such jurisdictions impose more strict rules for annual tax and accounting obligations.                                            

Favorably, Healy Consultants are ready to assists its Clients and legally minimize their accounting, auditing and tax obligations. 

About Healy Consultants

Healy Consultants provide a full range of professional services, which include the following:

•          Offshore financial services

•          Accounting and taxation

•          Corporate finance

•          Business start up services   

•          Corporate banking

•          Global marketing services

•          Company formation

•          International trading strategies

Healy Consultants are professionals who offer quality services, which perfectly match the needs of our highly sophisticated clients.

We are also proud of the fact that our services are affordable and accessible by our most modest customers.    

Our clients have access to an excellent range of quality products and services.

We come with rich experience and a global presence, resulting in unique market awareness beneficial to your firm in more ways than one.

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