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A Prestashop theme that adds glamor to your website, a Prestashop module that enhances your store’s functionality, is the dream of every one of you who owns a Prestashop online business. To fulfill that dream and to obtain solutions to all the requirements for your e-commerce website, we bring you the Prestashop Addons store.

Being the popular savior of online businesses for years, we are proud to announce the launch of our new official website, which offers hundreds of themes and plugins for any business. With the launch of this website we aim to provide simple and user friendly means of purchasing your favorite addon for your store. All the products are categorized for the ease of our customers and we have integrated fast yet secure payment gateways and download procedures for our website. is not just a store that sells plugins with a few features. It is a collection of the best developed Prestashop modules and themes you can ever have. Our desire to make Prestashop websites better with high quality additions is what has lead us to create these wonderful and unique addons. The category of your shop is not a concern as we have a wide range of products available for any type of business. We have themes that are specially developed for stores that sell clothing, home appliances, electronics etc. And we also have modules that range from simple search modules to ones that offer complex features like Geo-location and image rollover effects. Complex or simple, beautiful or professional, Prestashop Addon has it all.

When talking about product categories, there is one important categorization we cannot miss. That is if the product is free or a commercial product. Our store has both. Some of our Prestashop themes and modules are provided at no cost at all while there are more complicated Prestashop modules that are priced, but at very reasonable and affordable rates. Additionally there are some free modules with their premium versions which come at a small cost. Free or priced, the quality of our products remain the same, the only change being the complexity and the quantity of their features.

Prestashop Addons store runs on the hands of a set of amazingly talented developers. Each module and theme is designed and developed with precision and is thoroughly tested before releasing it to the store. So it is guaranteed that you get your hands on a complete, well developed product unlike most products out there in the market. The expertise of the developers with their years of experience in the field, truly reflects from the addons present in our store.

The quality is critical to a Prestashop Addon. And we only deploy the products that are up to the expected standards of our company. Therefore you can keep your concerns aside when you purchase a product from our store as it will never leave you disappointed in terms of quality. We give a 100% guarantee on the quality of our Prestashop themes and modules. All the products we offer have been tested on the latest version of Prestashop. Our products are simple, user friendly, feature-rich and attractive all the same. This combination is what gives the uniqueness to Prestashop Addon products over others in the market.

In addition to offering a collection of pre-developed products, we undertake custom development projects as well. If you need a unique Prestashop theme that suites the type of your business and has that design you had always been dreaming of, we are ready to build that for you. If it’s a Prestashop module that you require maybe with a functionality that is unique to your store or with a combination of several features, our developers can do the needful to fulfill your requirement. Our talented developers are ready to accept any challenge you put on their plate. is an independent website and has no relation or link whatsoever to the official website of the Prestashop open source project. Our brand name is Prestashop Addon, and it is in no way related to the official Prestashop brand. We are an outside company which builds plugins that enhance the ecommerce solutions that make use of Prestashop.

We not only offer the best products but also the best customer service as well. Our support team is ready to answer your questions and queries related to our products at any time and provide assistance to our customers. We offer suggestions, instructions and advices to make your store better and more successful. We are also willing to add changes to our existing or custom made products at your requirement. Enhancement of features, or upgrades with new technologies,  will always be there to give you the best service.

Call Prestashop Addons store now to reserve your spot in the huge number of orders we receive every month. We will be very glad to be of service. Our products are the best in the Prestashop market. If you don’t believe us, visit and take a look for yourself!