Innovative Air Condition Offerings from Air Specialty and Dominion Virginia Power

[United States,May 9, 2014] – Air Specialty, a top-performing air conditioning company, provides clients with innovative air conditioning services, together with one of the nation’s largest producers and transporters of energy, Dominion Virginia Power. This partnership rolls out two groundbreaking programs that can assist them in saving money and maximising the use of air conditioning units.

With commitment to quality of service, the company said they work with professionalism through the heating and cooling services. With this, Air Specialty noted that they partnered with Dominion Virginia Power to provide clients with a range of services at affordable price lists.

The Home Energy Check-Up

According to Air Specialty, the Home Energy Check-Up program involves experts performing a detailed analysis of a client’s energy use at home. The company notes that they will produce a report of easy and cost-effective ways to reduce a specific client’s energy usage.

The company also explains that frequent check-up and maintenance of air conditioning units, along with the home’s energy usage, all help reduce costs and enhance efficiency. Air Specialty, with a designated contractor, will install a variety of simple energy-saving tools on the day of the check-up. This includes compact fluorescent light bulbs, efficient faucet aerators and shower heads, and replacement air filters. The company will also provide door weather stripping and smart outlet strips.

Heat Pump Tune-Up Rebate

With the satisfaction of the clients as their main goal, the company offers a rebate through Dominion Virginia Power, under the Heat Pump Tune-Up program. The company explains that clients are given the privilege to call for the inspection of their heat pumps. The company’s specialists will then check and make sure the heating unit is operating efficiently.

With these special offerings, Air Specialty assures clients a prolonged equipment life, efficiency and better temperature and humidity control of the units.


With over 30 years in the industry, Air Specialty has become a leading air conditioning company in the United States. They thrive in the commitment to quality, professionalism and superior customer service. They have been serving thousands of customers in the past years. The company takes pride in enhancing the quality of life of their clients.

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