New Book By OC Author Helps Dieters Lose 20lbs. of Fat in 4 Weeks

One of the most highly anticipated books due to be released in January 2014 offers readers a healthy way to lose 20 pounds of fat in 4 weeks by utilizing the latest research and science.  The book is authored by OC resident Cynthia Stamper Graff, president of Lindora Inc., the nation’s largest medically based weight loss program, and French researcher and clinician Reginald Allouche, M.D.  “The New Lean For Life” combines the latest scientific research linking body, brain and gut along with Lindora’s 40 years of clinical success, having helped 750,000 people lose a combined 15 million pounds -- 79% of whom have kept the weight off.  Published by Harlequin Enterprises Ltd, the book is a follow up to Graff’s “Lean For Life,” which has sold nearly 1 million copies since it was first published in 1997.

Among the book’s revelations:


·      "The New Lean For Life" is the first book that emphasizes the relationship between body, brain and gut. 


·      Your gut has both good and bad bacteria (microflora) that, when properly balanced, set the stage for long-term weight loss. 


·      The more fat and sugar you consume, the more your brain sabotages you with cravings.


·      By consuming certain high-protein foods, you can trick the brain into believing you are sated.


·      While most diets result in a loss of water weight/muscle mass, "The New Lean For Life" helps shrink your fat cells by 50% so you lose fat instead;


·      Most diets create chaos and inflammation in the body. "The New Lean For Life" reveals the foods known to reduce inflammation, which also lower your risk of disease and increase your ability to keep weight off;


·      The latest research suggests that the faster you lose weight, the longer you will keep it off.   Since "The New Lean For Life" helps you shed 20 lbs of fat in just 4 weeks, your chances of keeping it off are much greater than with other diets.

“Most diets only make you lose water weight and muscle mass – not fat.,” said Allouche.  “I wanted biological proof that this program worked, so I measured fat cells before, during and after and discovered that they shrunk 50% more than conventional diets. This was a significant factor that led to my involvement in this book, which is really a roadmap to becoming lean for life."

“Dr. Allouche is well respected for his many years of weight loss research and, in this book, has introduced a number of concepts that will help dieters achieve their goals," added Graff, who said that the program is not reliant on proprietary packaged foods.  "He has helped define the relationship between gut, brain and body that, I believe, is the future of weight loss and achieving optimum health."

Graff said that "The New Lean For Life" stresses the "eat better, move more and stress less" philosophy embraced by Lindora patients and readers of her first book.

“We are always looking for books that focus on new and evidence-based research, and The New Lean for Life fits that bill perfectly,” says Harlequin Nonfiction editorial director, Deborah Brody.  “We are thrilled to be publishing this established brand that has been updated with Dr. Allouche’s exciting new science.”