RDNS Offers Training Courses on Professional Development

The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), a leading not-for-profit healthcare service provider, offers comprehensive training courses on professional development, which are designed to help increase professionalism and efficiency in the workplace.

[MELBOURNE, June 18, 2014]—The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS), one of the leading not-for-profit providers of healthcare services in Australia, offers training courses on professional development for healthcare workers. This is part of the company’s commitment to couple their healthcare solutions with educational services.


The Framework


The RDNS designed their professional development courses to increase healthcare worker confidence. Furthermore, these courses will help with making decisions on the go. The group is focused on honing skills in management, motivation, and leadership. Among the most popular courses include Cohesive Teamwork, Managing Performance, and Responding to Grief and Loss in the Workplace.


Cohesive Teamwork


This course helps the healthcare worker understand the effective teamwork in care settings. It helps students discover their potentials and how they can contribute to the team. It also includes the drafting of strategies and action learning.


Managing Performance


Through this course, healthcare workers will be able to explore the best practices in employee management. It allows them to discover the right tools when measuring their subordinates’ performance. Moreover, they will learn the right ways of motivating their employees to increase performance.


Responding to Grief and Loss in the Workplace


Healthcare workers are often exposed to losses. The RDNS offers a comprehensive course on how to respond to loss intelligently without affecting efficiency in the workplace. This course allows healthcare workers to look into different insights about grief. It also touches on matters such as the stages of grief and some techniques for coping.


About the Royal District Nursing Service


The Royal District Nursing Service (RDNS) is one of the leading not-for-profit providers of services for home nursing and healthcare in Australia. The organisation serves the areas of Greater Melbourne, Victoria, New South Wales, and New Zealand, and is known for creating advanced programs on healthcare. They have about 1,600 staff members, ensuring that their services are accessible to the areas they are serving. The RDNS receives financial support from the Department of Human Services Home and Community Care (HACC) Program. For the organisation’s mobilisation, they receive help from Federal and State governments.


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