HealthWay Social Media Release

HealthWay Social Media Release: 

Headline: HealthWay Mail Order Pharmacy Service making American lives healthier day by day 

Subhead: HealthWay's mail order pharmacy service has helped PA residents in leading healthy lifestyles.

Core Story Elements: 

  • Who: HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. and PA residents
  • What: HealthWay's Mail Order Pharmacy Service
  • When: HealthWay's Mail Order Pharmacy Services began one year ago when HealthWay signed a contract to provide mail order pharmacy services to over 1 million state employees who are members of the Pennsylvania State Employees Association (PSEA) Health system for four years.
  • The contract states that the PSEA operations staff will conduct quarterly on-site reviews at the new HealthWay mail order pharmacy prescription handling facility in Allentown, PA.
  • The PSEA aims will be to ensure the timeliness and quality of HealthWay's prescription handling and billing systems as well as HealthWay's procedures for maintaining complete patient confidentiality.
  • The contract also states that the PSEA will review both HealthWay and PSEA complaint logs in relation to HealthWay's prescription handling. 
  • The PSEA expects senior management of the Allentown facility and, on request, of HealthWay to be present at the quarterly PSEA on-site review meetings.
  • The proposal HealthWay submitted to the PSEA commits HealthWay to maintaining a completely separate record-keeping and processing facility for PSEA member requests.To achieve this HealthWay will move its entire mail order pharmacy prescription handling facility to a new location in Allentown, PA. This new premises will be divided to provide space for two separate processing departments with a common shipping department, which meets PSEA requirements. 
  • Where: The new HealthWay mail order pharmacy prescription handling facility in Allentown, PA.
  • The HealthWay mail order pharmacy prescription handing facility includes an order department for telephone, mail, fax and email prescription orders, a customer services department, a process department staffed by registered pharmacy technicians, and a shipping department. 
  • HealthWay has received financial support for the new facility from the Pennsylvania Office of Economic Development under the governor's "New Jobs; New Opportunities" initiative. 
  • Why: HealthWay's mission is to support the communities that it serves and the new mail order pharmacy prescription handling facility will provide Pennsylvania residents with 40 new jobs in non-professional categories as well as licensed pharmacists and pharmacy technicians.
  • How: Through its mail order pharmacy services HealthWay provides prescriptions by mail to the members of the health insurance plans of 345 companies and organizations. 
  • HealthWay's largest mail order pharmacy clients include the employee health plan for Central College and the health plan for the Pennsylvania Firefighters' Association.
  • Individuals without health insurance or whose health insurer is not a HealthWay client, can access HealthWay mail order pharmacy services on a cash basis. 
  • The first PSEA customer to receive mail order pharmacy services from HealthWay was a single mother, Agnes Highsman, from outside Ruraltown, PA, with a diabetic son, Michael, 6, and two jobs. 
  • In the last year, the number of prescriptions for PSEA members peaked in November during flu season. 
  • This year HealthWay has implemented an online "ask your pharmacist" service for its mail order pharmacy service members. 
  • In the past year, HealthWay observed a 100-percent increase in the number of mail order pharmacy memberships. The number of memberships grew from 10,000 to 20,000 in the past year.
  • This year HealthWay has observed a growth in mail order pharmacy service contracts; gaining 345 new contracts and raising its overall number of contracts from 310 contracts to 655 contracts, which serves to show an increase of over 100-percent. 
  • After HealthWay conducted a customer service log analysis over the past year, HealthWay has seen that many of its mail order pharmacy service members believe that their lives have gotten easier and healthier because they now receive their medications on time through the mail.
  • 35-percent of the people who enrolled in HealthWay's mail order pharmacy service are members of the PSEA retirees health program. 
  • HealthWay believes that day by day it is creating an easier and healthier environment for Pennsylvania communities. 

Photo Captions from left to right: 

  • New HealthWay mail order pharmacy service recipient, Kimberly Long signs up for her Mail-Meds membership on May 12, 2016. She was one of 100 people who lined up early at the HealthWay prescription facility in Allentown, PA, waiting for the Mail-Meds sign-up desk to open at noon.
  • HealthWay mail order pharmacy service members, listed from left to right, Cara Smith, Michael Heath, Jake Livingston and James Johnson, striving to mutually lead healthier lives one step at a time as they go for a run in the Allentown Park on May 15, 2016. They are four of 100 people who received their first Mail-Meds packages in Allentown, PA, following HealthWay's Annual Mail-Meds Sign-up Campaign 12 months after the Mail-Meds service began for the Pennsylvania State Employees Association.
  • HealthWay Pharmacies Inc. Logo (When uploading the image of the HealthWay logo, which I found on elms, on, the website reformatted the image in a way that prevented you from being able to properly seen the entire logo).


  • Quotes from Agnes Highsman, who is single mother of a diabetic son, Michael, 6, has two jobs and was the first PSEA member to receive mail order pharmacy services from HealthWay): "I am an old woman and getting to the pharmacy is a daily struggle for me," said Agnes Highsman. "I am a single mother with a diabetic child and I work two jobs. Finding time to get my family's medications was a struggle to say the least, but ever since HealthWay implemented its mail order pharmacy service my life has become a whole lot easier and the lives of my family members had gotten healthier because we all now receive our medications on time. The mail order pharmacy service has changed my life and my family's life for the better." 
  • Quote from J.D. Markham, director of the Pennsylvania State Employees Association: "After reviewing the customer services logs of both HealthWay and the PSEA over the past year, I believe that HealthWay's new mail order pharmacy service has impacted our communities in a positive way," said J.D. Markham. "HealthWay's mail order pharmacy service has only continued to grow over the past year and the PSEA projects that it will continue to grow over the next 3 years. I believe that HealthWay's mail order pharmacy service will only serve to continue to move our communities toward healthier lifestyles."
  • Quotes from Allentown Mayor, Ed Pawldwjki: "Originally, I believed that HealthWay's mail order pharmacy service would only serve to benefit our community by providing 40 new jobs to PA residents," said Allentown Mayor Pawldwjki. "After hearing the positive opinions that Allentown residents had toward HealthWay's mail order pharmacy services and how residents lives have been positively impacted by being able to receive their medications on time at Allentown's weekly city meetings, I became a member of HealthWay's mail order pharmacy services and now advocate for HealthWay's services because they truly stood by their mission to make the communities that they reside in mutually lead healthy lifestyles."

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