Have a Unique Experience at a Colombo Boutique Hotel

A few years ago home stay was a less known concept. Especially it was limited for guest houses which were quite popular among the students and the tourists with a limited budget. These guest houses were comfortable but just providing the basic amenities for the guest. But since the tourism started booming at the end of the civil war in Sri Lanka the need of various types of accommodations arose. As a result old grand homes were tastefully re-decorated to welcome the tourists.

Some of the Colombo boutique hotels are especially dedicated to cater a limited clientele with utmost attention and care. Most of the hotels have about 6 to 8 rooms. That way the management can give a much personalised service for the guests. In some cases the place is run by the owners themselves. When that is the case there is an additional advantage where the guests can connect with the owners and get to know more about the culture and country in a more informal way. Currently home accommodation covers about 30% of the demand of tourist accommodation. This figure includes all types of home stays from boutique hotels, boutique villas, heritage homes and guest houses.

When the tourism started to rise in Sri Lanka the demand for accommodation increased in all the areas including Colombo. In addition to the business travelers there are regular tourists who wanted stopover in Colombo and explore the vibrant capital before they hit the streets to explore the rest of the country. So in addition to Colombo hotels there was a demand for accommodation for the other low budget tourists as well. Hence there were so many homes that were transferred to home stays to welcome the tourists. Most of these home stays are well known to offer a touch of Sri Lankan life during their stay. Some families would even invite the guests to join the family for a meal where they can connect much better with the culture.

If you do not like to stay at large scale big hotels there are so many Boutique hotels Colombo wide to choose from. Hence it is only a matter of choosing a hotel of your choice. Even though some like to avoid Colombo there are so many things you can do in Colombo. It is a vibrant city with a whole wide range of places to eat from medium restaurants serving local food to posh restaurants serving continental foods. Also there are various modern art galleries, antique shops and handicraft shops to explore.

Hence when you are in Sri Lanka do not overlook Colombo. Even though it is a bustling city it has so much to offer.