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The name of Bali has been known entire the world. It will always be the attractive destination. Any tourist spot is available in here. If you are looking for nature tourism, Bali will give it to you. But the most attractive thing about Bali is the culture. Culture is the main attraction in Bali. When you visit into this place, you will see the unique architecture. The habits of the people are also unique. You can see it from the clothing. If you visit the traditional village, you can find it easily.

The attraction of Bali spawned bali tour. You can find a lot of tour in Bali. The varied destination will you get in one package. In the most tours, the tour package is just depending on the popular tourist spot. If you have been visit Bali, course it will be so boring. You want something new. But bali tour is growing. Sometimes there is a new tour package. In Bali, there is an interesting place. This place is still new. But the attraction is growing. That place is Palasari Dam. When you visit into this place, you cannot expect for a crowded place. This place is still new. For this, the visitor is still slightly.

Palasari Dam is located at Ekasari Village, Melaya sub district. From Negara town, you need to go 26 km to the west. In the most bali tour, you cannot find this package. But you still have a chance to visit this place. Actually this place has been used as flood control and irrigation water source. This place surrounded by forest. It makes the atmosphere feels cool. If you visit this place, you can also find recreation facilities like canoe. You can use it to surround the dam and enjoy the environment. For now, it will be difficult to find this bali tour. But some tour guide offers this place in their package.

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