Etekcity is an electronics e-tailer that works hard to make your life easier

Etekcity is an electronics e-tailer that works hard to make your life easier. We know one product has the

power to impress your friends, add convenience, and enhance experiences. We know the customer is the reason for our growth and success. We do everything we can to make every purchase a success and leave every customer feeling satisfied.When you start shopping around for your new high-definition television it's easy to be overwhelmed with all the new terminology. You may be wondering what a HDMI extender is and how it is used in a home entertainment scenario. HDMI, or High-Definition Multimedia Interface, is a type of digital connector that transmits the high-definition video and audio signals over a single cable. The HDMI extender is used to extend the signal so you can place your new high-definition television a good distance away from other components.

It is possible to use analog cables instead of using a HDMI extender to connect up your digital components to the television. The problem with this option is that you'll need three component-to-video cables plus six analog audio cables. Won't that entire wire-jumble look great behind your television? That's where and HDMI extender and HDMI over CAT5 come into play.HDMI over CAT5 is used to connect a high-definition device, like a Blue-ray DVR, to a high-definition television (HDTV) that has an HDMI connection. To make the connection, you put one end of the cable into the HDTV's HDMI input slot and the other end into the DVR's HDMI output slot. If you have an AV receiver, put the HDMI device, in this case, the television, in the middle of the signal chain.

 The output of the AV receiver goes to the HDTV and the HD DVR or other devices are connected to the AV receiver's input. One cable, the HDMI over CAT5, and you are ready to sit back and enjoy TRON, Lion King or other video in high-definition.HDMI is also important for your audio transmission. Use an HDMI over CAT5 connection when you have an HDTV television with high-def sound. This extender supports up to eight channels of 24-bit audio at 192kHz. That's perfect for high resolution soundtracks, Dolby TrueHD and Surround Sound systems.Let's say you want to put an HDTV monitor on the wall in your exercise room but the AV receiver is a good distance away in your entertainment room. This is where the HDMI extender comes into play. The HDMI extender extends the digital HDMI video signal long distances using CAT5e / CAT6 UTP cable. The maximum distance supported by an HDMI extender before the signal is degraded is 100 meters or about 330 feet. The HDMI extender maintains the integrity of the signal so that you still get great high resolution images on the set even though it's mounted on a wall in another room in your home.

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