Las Vegas, Nevada – Premier Las Vegas pain clinic, Nevada pain, provides pain management for patients in Las Vegas and the surrounding area. Their clinics have helped over 95% of patients avoid surgery.

This preferred Las Vegas pain clinic treats over 30 conditions caused by illness or accidents. These conditions include whiplash, herniated disc, failed back surgery, headaches and abdominal pain.

The award-winning doctors at Nevada pain specialize in pain management, chiropractic care, and physical therapy. They treat both simple and complex problems and will help patients find relief without surgery.

The doctors at this pain clinic put their patients needs first and finding relief is most important. Each doctor creates a custom treatment plan for each patient. This treatment plan is based on the pain that the patient is experiencing, as well as, any previous treatments they have received.

Several treatments at Nevada pain include acupuncture, pain medication management, chiropractic treatment, joint injections, platelet rich plasma therapy, and physical therapy. Pain medication management helps patients avoid surgery by treating and relieving the pain. Some pain medication management treatments include joint injections, stem cell injections, and occipital nerve blocks, which work best for chronic headaches.

Physical therapy is a popular treatment for patients because it helps improve patients’ flexibility, strength and coordination. Physical therapy can be used to treat patients suffering from whiplash, back pain Las Vegas and neck pain, and arthritis.

Nevada pain has been successful in treating patients and providing pain relief through their thorough, customized treatment plans. If you are experiencing any pain, visit this Las Vegas pain clinic.

About Nevada Pain

One of the highest-rated pain clinics in the Las Vegas area, Nevada pain offers treatment for over 25 conditions. They accept over 50 insurance plans including workman’s compensation and Medicare. For more information, or to request an appointment, visit their website or call (702) 323-0553.

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