MediPoint: Diagnostic X-ray Imaging - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts

MediPoint: Diagnostic X-ray Imaging - Global Analysis and Market Forecasts is a new market research publication announced by Reportstack. An early diagnosis of disease is the foundation for increasing survival rates. Diagnostic X-ray imaging is the most widely used technique to achieve early detection and clinical assessment of adult and pediatric patients alike, making it a cornerstone of disease control. This report provides an analysis of the diagnostic X-ray imaging market in the US, the 5EU (France, Germany, Italy, Spain, and the UK), and some of the Asia-Pacific (APAC) regions (Australia, China, India, and Japan), and identifies the unmet needs in this diagnostic X-ray systems market. This report also discusses physician attitudes towards the utilization and perception of different types of X-ray imaging techniques, and the future of diagnostic X-ray imaging in the face of rapid technological advancements and other advanced imaging modalities.


Key Questions Answered

- Global disease incidence is expected to rise. (Q).What role will diagnostic X-ray imaging play in the forecast period to tackle this global issue? (Q).How will changing demographics and lifestyles affect the utilization of diagnostic X-ray imaging?
- There are a few significant unmet needs. (Q).What are these unmet needs? (Q).How can device manufacturers differentiate themselves from the competition? (Q).What is the scope for more innovation and what are the end-users looking for in their products?
- The global diagnostic X-ray imaging market is a mature industry with intense competition. The dynamics of this industry vary greatly from one market to another. (Q).Which countries expect to see the most growth and what are the hurdles? (Q).Where do the opportunities lie? How intense are the price wars?
- GE Healthcare currently dominates the global diagnostic X-ray imaging market. (Q).What is their market share in the major global economies and which companies constitute the remainder of the market?
- Companies are increasingly reliant on sales in emerging markets for continued sales growth. (Q).What percent of global profits are from emerging markets? (Q).How will this change in the future?

Reasons to buy

- “What Physicians Think” quotes provide a unique insight into how healthcare professionals are reacting to events within the industry, and what their responses could mean for industry strategists. In this report you will understand the perceptions of leading radiologists and other stakeholders from around the world. This information is essential for all strategic decision makers in every organization allowing them to act on high quality information.

Companies Mentioned

Agfa Healthcare Allengers Medical Systems Canon Carestream Health China Resources Wandong Medical Equipment Fujifilm Holdings GE Healthcare General Medical Merate Hitachi Medical Konica Minolta Mindray Medical International Neusoft Medical Philips Healthcare Samsung Electronics Shimadzu Corporation Siemens Healthcare Swissray International Toshiba Medical Systems

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