8bit and Retro Gamers Eat Your Heart Out – Sea Stacking Is Live! Newest Game Released by SparkNET

Calling all 8bit and retro gamers! Don't live in the past with games like Tetris and Legends of Zelda. These retro games are classics for a reason so it's time to try something new!

Come visit the future and play Sea Stacking. This throwback 8-bit game will keep you entertained for hours as you try to tackle each new level. This new game is the latest iOS7 gaming application brought to you by SparkNET.

Under the sea on the bottom 'o' the ocean lives Captain Red Crab and his fellow sea creature friends, let's take a closer look at this mysterious world...

You are tasked with helping the Captain earn points by moving him under the board of sea creature columns. Better hurry because the sea creatures begin to drop faster the longer you help the great Captain!

Strategically place Pi the Piranha to earn more points for every sea creature she comes into contact with, or swipe up and down to swap two colums that are side-by-side. Don't let the columns of sea creatures get too tall or you'll lose the game no doubt!

This 8bit game will keep you entertained for hours as you try to beat the time and clear the board. Each level is more challenging than the last! It's up to you if you're into sleepless nights by playing in endless game mode or become more advance and unlock the special game mode to play 20 fun levels that will challenge and excite you like no other!

Designed for ease-of-use, inexperienced as well as advanced gamers can download this great new application on their iOS 7-ready iPhone and iPod Touch devices.

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