Global C4ISR Market Trends, Size, Drivers & Forecast to 2024

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This report offers detailed analysis of the Global C4ISR Market with market size forecasts covering the next 10 years. This report will also analyze factors that influence demand for C4ISR, key market trends and challenges faced by industry participants. The Global C4ISR Market 2014-2024 Report, provides readers with a detailed analysis of both historic and forecast global industry values, factors influencing demand, the challenges faced by industry participants, analysis of industry leading companies, and key news.

The Global C4ISR Market is expected to experience a CAGR of 1.32% during 2014-2024. North America and Asia-Pacific are expected to be the largest C4ISR markets, with a cumulative market share of more than 74%. The land-based C2/C4ISR segment is expected to dominate the C4ISR market, with a share of 66.5%. The market is driven by the rise of asymmetric warfare and the growing need for interoperability and integrated solutions amongst military strategists.

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The report provides an in-depth analysis of the following:

  • Global C4ISR Market size and drivers: detailed analysis of the C4ISR market during 2014–2024, including highlights of the demand drivers and growth stimulators for C4ISR. It also provides a snapshot of the spending patterns and modernization patterns of different regions around the world
  • Recent developments and industry challenges: insights into technological developments in the C4ISR market and a detailed analysis of the changing preferences of the defense ministries around the world. It also provides trends of the changing industry structure and the challenges faced by industry participants
  • SWOT analysis of the C4ISR market: analysis of the industry characteristics by determining the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats faced by the C4ISR industry
  • Global C4ISR country analysis: analysis of the key markets in each region, providing an analysis of the key segments of the C4ISR industry expected to be in demand in each region
  • Major programs: details of the key programs in each segment, which are expected to be executed during the forecast period.
  • Competitive landscape and strategic insights: analysis of the competitive landscape of the global C4ISR industry. It provides an overview of key players, together with insights such as key alliances, strategic initiatives, and a brief financial analysis

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  • This report will give the user confidence to make the correct business decisions based on a detailed analysis of the C4ISR market and to identify emerging/declining markets over the next 10 years
  • This report will give the user a thorough fact-based analysis with information about demand for various C4ISR segments in each of the top ten countries and the underlying factors that are driving the demand
  • Analysts have placed significant emphasis on the major industries that are driving the C4ISR market, which will provide the user with a clear picture about the future opportunities that can be tapped, resulting in revenue expansion
  • The major programs section will inform the user about major programs being undertaken by defense ministries and governments in different segments of the C4ISR market during the forecast period
  • Detailed profiles of the top C4ISR manufacturers and service providers around the world with information about their products, alliances, recent contract wins and financial analysis wherever available. This will provide the user with a total competitive landscape of the sector
  • A deep qualitative analysis of the global C4ISR sector covering sections including demand drivers, SWOT, industry trends, and latest technological developments

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Table of Content for “The Global C4ISR Market 2014-2024” research report includes:

4 Industry Trends, Recent Developments, and Challenges

4.1 Technological Developments

4.1.2 Smartphone solution to provide vital intelligence and communications support for military personnel in full-spectrum operations

4.1.3 The advent of hyperspectral sensors has ushered a new category of cutting edge sensors

4.1.4 New surveillance radar sensing technology that enables vision through solid walls to provide real time images beyond barriers

4.2 Market Trends

4.2.1 Development of offensive cyber weapons on the rise

4.2.2 Increasing demand for improved Multiband Tactical Communication Amplifiers

4.2.3 Increasing need for next generation IP systems

4.2.4 Demand for higher frequencies and secure modulation formats

4.3 Industry Consolidation

4.3.1 Joint R and D programs expected to increase over the forecast period

4.3.2 Companies making acquisitions in the C4ISR space to harness the significant opportunities

4.4 Key Challenges

4.4.1 Developmental and production challenges impede the procurement

4.4.2 Need for interoperability

4.4.3 Network-centric military communications

4.4.4 Reduced space in naval ships and falling capacity poses key challenges for surveillance systems

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