ATTN Rural Small Business Owners:

All too often small businesses grow big at the expense of profits.

That’s why Tap the Potential, America’s Leading Rural Business Growers, is partnering with Provendus Group in getting the word out about ProfitCon 2014: The Accelerate Your Profits Virtual Conference, happening this week.

Provendus Group has gathered the best minds of the small business world to tell business owners not just how to grow, but how to grow profitable. This virtual event is totally FREE for participants.

Tune in daily each day this week to hear small business thought leaders  Mike Michalowicz, JJ Ramberg, John Jantsch, Michael Port, Dr. Sabrina Schleicher and others sharing their best insights, tips and methods for increasing your bottom line, by addressing the profit potential in every aspect of your business. Interviews are available for FREE for 48 hours from the time they are aired.

Today's interviews include:

  • Michael Port New York Times Best-Selling author of 5 books, including Book Yourself Solid and frequent guest on MSNBC, CNBC and PBS, speaking on All Revenue is Not Created Equal: How to Create & Attract High Profit Revenue. In this provocative interview, Michael Port asks, “Would you rather have $10 million in revenue that costs you $9,999,999 to produce, or $3 million in revenue that costs you $1 million to produce? While the answer to this seems obvious, many rural small business owners continue to chase and acquire sales that cost them more money than they are worth.”

 You’ll learn:

 How to evaluate the profitability of your revenue streams and your allocation of resources

 The secret to creating, testing and launching a new product or service, and make a profit doing it

 The number one key to highly profitable sales


  • Janine Dawson, founder of Timberwolf Coaching, will be speaking on How to Maintain Your Profits During Down Business Cycles. For many business owners, managing cashflow and profits as your business ebbs and flows can be perplexing and daunting. How do you continue to make payroll, pay your bills and turn a profit in those not so great months? Janine Dawson tells her own story of how she figured out how to manage her cash flow and save her own business from floundering.

Tune in to learn:

How to really understand how the money flows in your business

How to gain greater control of the money that comes in and out of your business

Where to find extra cash in your business

***Be sure to mark your calendar for Thursday, March 20, when Dr. Sabrina Schleicher’s interview, 3 Secrets to Finding and Keeping SUPER-STAR EMPLOYEES Who Grow Your Profits is released. Dr. Schleicher is president and founder of Tap the Potential LLC, based in Riverton, WY. Tap the Potential LLC specializes in helping business owners grow their businesses profitably by overcoming the challenges unique to rural business throughout the United States and Canada.

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