California Beemers Offers BMW Repair and Maintenance Specials

California Beemers offers expert BMW auto repair and maintenance services in the state. With thousands of happy clients, the company is now a well-trusted car dealer and service provider.

[California, May 8, 2014] – California Beemers, one of the most trusted and leading car service providers in the state, offers repair and maintenance services for people who own low mileage and late model BMWs. The company, which has been in the business for quite some time, caters to the needs of each of their client with mechanical expertise and undivided attention.

BMW Auto Repair and Car Service in Costa Mesa

Car owners who need a brake job, oil change, and other DMV related inspections can now get professional help with California Beemers’ state-of-the-art auto repair and BMW service facility.

California Beemers recognizes that car users have high expectations when it comes to car services. With cutting-edge technology and a highly skilled staff, the car service provider can make vehicles run as good as new. To achieve optimum results, a team of professional car repair experts from the Costa Mesa and greater Orange County diagnoses the vehicles before performing any special tweaks and repair.

Car Service Specials

California Beemers understand that clients have a long list of buying choices. Because of this, they make it a point that current and potential customers only get the best services from the company. Their special services include a synthetic oil maintenance service for extended oil change intervals, complete brake jobs at a very affordable price, and professional car inspections.

About California Beemers

California Beemers is one of the top car dealers and service providers in the country. They specialize in low mileage, late model, pre-owned BMWs that are still under original factory warranty. The company offers a comprehensive list of services, including car repair, OEM BMW car parts and accessories, pre-owned car loans, and other special services. They offer a range of BMW models, including 6-Series, 3 Series, M Series, 7 Series, and more.

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