Thousands Take Advantage of Rich Dad Education’s Special e-Book Promotion

Over 2,918 copies of Rich Dad Education on Tax Secrets e-Book were downloaded during a special Amazon Kindle promotion.

Rich Dad Education, a leader in financial training, is pleased to announce that thousands of people downloaded a complimentary copy of their Rich Dad Education on Tax Secrets e-Book from Amazon during a recent 3-day Kindle promotion. Rich Dad Education held this promotion with the goal of helping individuals better understand how they can make the tax laws work in their favor.

Most people live by the archaic advice of “work hard and save your money.” Despite being accepted as conventional wisdom, this is not the best path to financial prosperity. The rich “work smarter, not harder” and use their financial knowledge to gain a vast advantage over the poor and middle class. Nowhere is this more evident than in how the rich approach taxes.

“The average American works roughly 4 months out of the year just to cover their taxes,” stated Anthony Humpage, CEO at Rich Dad Education. “The diligent, hard-working employee who gets up every day and dutifully goes to work and pays taxes is playing a losing game. The harder they work, the more they end up having to pay the government. Our goal in giving away this book is to help more people grasp how the rich play the game, so they can play it too. Without a financial education, people are at a distinct disadvantage. With a financial education, they can be rewarded by the tax law instead of being overly burdened by it.”

The government uses the tax law to create incentives designed to reward investors, business owners, and companies. But, even the average person can discover multiple ways to use the tax code to their advantage in order to build wealth and keep more of their hard-earned money.

For example, setting up a corporation is one of the biggest legal tax loopholes that the rich use to work smarter. They’re relatively simple to set up and are not expensive if you own investments that are producing decent cash flow. One aspect that makes a corporation so exciting is that they enable the owner to do things an employee can’t, such as paying qualified expenses before paying taxes.

Though the special promotion period is over, the book is still available on Amazon and is currently one of the top sellers in the tax category on Kindle. Rich Dad Education invites interested individuals to download the book and discover the tax secrets of the rich.

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