Truth Be Told

This is a press release article for the book Truth Be Told? by Nathan Curtis a collection of poetry written by him.

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Introduction to book Truth Be Told? by Nathan Curtis (for inspiration to use when writing press release)The truth shall set you free is a common phrasing we all have heard time and time again. Does the truth set you free?

I was on the journey of truth, the truth to find out who I really was, to love myself and figure out why I did not love myself, to search for love, to find the meaning of family and if my family showed me that love; it may have been why I was searching for it or maybe not.Many questions I asked and still ask today and daily find the answers through my gift I transfer through a pen onto a legal pad.For a time I loved my family endlessly, then started to hate them; I hated them for covering up the truth and only showing me the good in people and not the bad, the good of the world and not the bad, the good in myself and not the bad, the good in them and not the bad. I recently forgave them for this for after all a parent does what he or she thinks is in the best interest of the child.

Sometimes we say we want the truth, but can we handle the truth once we obtain it. The world like your brain stores some truth and sometimes locks it away; for example a traumatic event that your brain may have locked away in order for you to move on with life. It’s the same with Mother Nature, she locks some truths of the world beneath the sea bed, some in trees some in the stars etc.What I am trying to say is this, sometimes we want the truth but its best we do not have it when we want it but when we are mentally, and spiritually able to handle it.We as humans grow every day in the metaphysical portion of our life, even though it may not be noticed right away. It is this capacity to grow unconsciously which allows for truths to be revealed to us.There are no numbers corresponding to the poems in the contents because I wanted to mimic life; sometimes the order you see before you or the order in which you plan your life is not the order that things actually happen but when it does however it falls in Mother Natures’ order for your life it becomes a pleasant surprise and you enjoy it more than if it was planned and you may even get a little more than you bargain for whether it be good or bad.Never forget in your search for truths, some you will uncover as you read the works in this book and dig deep past your heart into your soul that the best discoveries happen when you’re not really looking for them.