Little Lamb Kidz Launches Company Re-Brand With Animated Pilot Book Release

December 9, 2013 - The Little Lamb Properties parent company has facilitated the re-launch of its RCU (Respect, Compassion & Understanding) brand, through the Little Lamb Kidz licensed property.


“There’s no hidden agenda here — we hope to influence the young mind with this wholesome message of respect, compassion and understanding before the inevitable negative outside influences have a chance to take root.”


Following the re-branding, a new animated pilot will be featured, based upon the new book, Funny Looking Friends – The Continuing Adventures of Little Lamb, the second of the Little Lamb Kidz series books. The aim of the animated pilot is to spark a television series, which will aid in the spreading of the RCU and anti-bullying theme.


“An animated television series about a diverse set of children’s characters, whose central theme in every storyline is Respect, Compassion & Understanding (RCU™) for those that are different from them in any of a thousand ways.”


Parents are urged to get involved too, coming to the aid of their children (where needed) to identify with one or more of the characters they share nuances and characteristic attributes with. Kids’ inquisitive and receptive minds can usually achieve this identification process on their own, but the involvement of parents will go a long way in further making it a much richer and more personal experience for themselves as well.


In line with their mission, founders Rodney Henderson and Randy Nash, two fathers and businessmen, seek to sow a message of Respect, Compassion and Understanding, through Little Lamb Properties™ — “More than anything else, we want to get people talking about this very important issue of diversity and bullying, and the Little Lamb™ provides the tools for this to happen,” said Henderson. “It is our goal to incorporate solid life lessons through RCU that will manifest into skills of conflict resolution when they become adults”.


As part of the company’s ongoing current projects, a curriculum is under development, based on RCU and some of the other products aimed at the Little Lamb Kidz audience and their parents.


The website will also feature more interactive content in the months to come.


The evolved Little Lamb Kidz concept has come a long way since its initial conception, where the focus was on faith-based children’s characters. That strong base has made the facilitation of the re-branded concept a seamless one, highlighting the reflection of current world events that have given birth to characters that focus on shared values, as opposed to dwelling on the differences between cultures and belief systems.


An association of impactful and culturally diverse characters with the lives of a young audience will make a bigger and longer-lasting impact in spreading the RCU message.



Founders, Rodney Henderson and Randy Nash, originally established Little Lamb Kidz purely as a faith-based line of children’s media characters, but the focus for the fathers and businessmen has evolved to embody a core belief system that drives the development of a line of culturally diverse characters that invoke a message of respect, compassion and understanding.


The evolved concept now reflects current world events, with the more diverse and impactful set of characters focusing more on shared values rather than the existing differences between cultures and belief systems of the world. Little Lamb Kidz sees no better way to make a lasting impact than to impart these values to young children.


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