Main features of four sorts of filling machine from famous filling equipment manufacturer Steplead

China – The filling machines from Steplead International Co., Ltd which is China best manufacturer for liquid filling equipments can be divided into four main types such as normal pressure filling machine, high pressure filling machine, vacuum filling machine and oil liquid filling machine. In order to let customers have fully knowing about their products, the engineer from this famous China manufacturer lists the main feature of their four main filling equipments.

The first sort is normal pressure filling machine. The working principle of this machine is the using of the using of the weight of the liquid under the atmospheric pressure. The filling method of such filling machine from could also be divided into timed filling and volume filling. It could be only applied to gas-free and low viscosity liquids such as milk, wine, mineral water and so on.

The second kind is the high pressure Filling Machine which is applied the function of high pressure atmospheric pressure. The filling method of this sort of machine can be divided into two situations. The first one is in the situation that the pressure of liquid storage cylinder and bottle is equal. In this kind of situation, the liquid could flow into the bottle by the weight of the liquid, which called isobaric filling. The other kind of situation is that the pressure of liquid storage cylinder is higher than that of the pressure of the bottle and the liquid should flow into the bottle by the pressure differential. The high-speed production lines also apply this method. The high pressure filling machine could be suitable for filling with liquid such as beer, soft drinks, champagne and so on.

The third type is the vacuum water filter which machine could be carried out in the situation which the bottle pressure is lower than the atmospheric pressure. The structure of this filling machine is very simple and high efficiency. It could be applied into more widely range of the viscosity materials such as oil, syrup, wine and others.

The last one is the Oil Filling Machine which can be used for filling various types of oil products such as cooking oil, lubricating oil, peanut oil, soybean oil and so on. This machine is specially developed for filling oil materials. This kind of machine could achieve the manual operation and unmanned operations.

Apart from the above type of bottling machine , the manufacturer steplead also provide other kinds of filling machines and different sorts of blow molding machine. You could carefully browse their website to choose their best selection.

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