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Ohio, USA – Many individuals believe they need to have a radar detector in their car in order to protect them from getting a ticket. Speeding tickets are costly and can increase those insurance premiums within a blink of an eye. Of all the traffic violations in the book, speeding is one of the most common. While some drivers take extra caution while they are driving, there are still instances where they cannot help but to speed. Speeding is due to a variety of factors ranging from impatience to carelessness and these are the type of drivers who benefit in investing in a top of the line radar detector. has released a new radar detector on their site. The Radar Detector is called “Escort Passport Max” and has been chosen by many drivers throughout the United States. The Escort Passport Radar detector has a variety of eye-catching product features. For starters, this radar detector is the only HD detector currently on the market, making it the most advanced detector out there. The Passport Max will come with a Smart cord, travel case, a StickyCup Mount and a reference guide.

Key features of the Passport Max include:

The DEFENDER Database
-Faster and accurate Digital Signal Processing
-Customizable controls
-A multi-color graphic display
-Voice Alerts
-The Auto-Learn technology

A radar detector is used in order to alert the driver when a radar system or speed detector is in the vicinity. When the Passport Max is installed in a vehicle, the driver will receive alerts in due time, giving them the opportunity to reduce their speed and avoid getting a speeding ticket.

Not only do speeding tickets entail anywhere from $50.00 to $150.00 and beyond per ticket, but the driver may also be required to appear in court or do some form of community service for the violations. With the use of a radar detector, drivers are able to avoid such traumatic experiences.


The owners of realize how aggravating it is to be pulled over for speeding on the roadway and this is why they have decided to open up an online store that focuses on radar detectors. Each radar detector they have listed on their site has been tested and is guaranteed to work.

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