Career Centre gives Real Estate Agents a Head Start

Welcome to Peard Career Centre (PCC) – home to a 10 week course designed to give new to the industry Sales Associates the best chance of becoming successful through intensive training, work experience and unmatched support.

Located at Peard Real Estate’s Corporate Operations Office in Subiaco, Peard Career Centre has been in full operation since March this year, and with the first group of recruits graduating last month, it’s now clear the difference extra training and mentoring can make for new Sales Associates in the real estate industry.

The industry is tough…
Gaining a license to sell property is a straight forward process; but becoming a successful real estate agent on the other hand, involves much more work.

In WA, Sales Associates are required to complete a Real Estate Registration Course to gain their license, after which they are free to sell property and begin the long and difficult process of establishing their place within the industry. For someone who has little knowledge of real estate or simply lacks confidence in self-promotion, the task may be a daunting one to face.

Peter Peard understands this all too well, having been in the industry for over twenty three years, he has witnessed firsthand how quickly a Sales Associate can lose motivation and drive.

“It can take new Sales Associates months or even a year to establish a presence in the market,

“There’s a lot of work involved and without the immediate reward, it’s easy to lose focus”, he said.

A concept developed by Mr Peard himself, Peard Career Centre acts as a stepping stone for new Sales Associates between completing their sales registration course and commencing their career within one of Peard Real Estates offices. Aimed at fast tracking recruits to success, the course provides new Sales Associates with the confidence, knowledge and drive it takes to become successful.

“As a company, we have always had a lot of success with our new Sales Associates, but there was often a time lag to their success.

“I wanted to remove that delay through intensive training”, he said. 

Professional training
The centre is headed by the company’s Training Manager, Sylvia Stephens who has successfully sold real estate for the past twenty years and holds an abundance of experience in sales management and training.

Developed by Sylvia herself, the 10 week course covers a range of fundamental real estate skills with the aim of equipping new comers with the skills they need to get a head start within Peard Real Estate.

Proven Results
Alongside their time at Peard Career Centre, new Sales Associates are aligned to a specific Peard Real Estate office, allowing for time spent with Licensee’s and Experienced Sales Associates, attending appraisals and home opens with them.

The focus is to maximise everything they have learnt to date, whilst instilling the Peard culture and way of operating. This includes a strong emphasis on the importance of prospecting for new business, finding and developing leads, investing in networking and the importance of self-promotion and marketing.

Peter Peard’s vision is certainly proving worthwhile, with the last group of recruits graduating with sales and listings under their belt already, highlighting the courses impact.

“Our New Sales Associates are appraising, listing and selling properties whilst still undertaking the course.

“To achieve a sale within 10 weeks of being in the industry would be near on impossible on your own, it’s certainly proof that our course works”, says Mr Peard.
With one-on-one training, office support and a proven course module, Peard Real Estate hopes to continue offering new Sales Associates a head start to what they hope will be a long and prosperous career with the company.

Peard Real Estate is always looking for the right candidates for their next intake, and if you think you have what it takes, we want to hear from you!

If you are interested in pursuing a career in real estate or simply want to learn more about the Peard Career Centre course, please contact our Business Resource Manager, Melissa Farrell, on 0404 084 244 or email