SEO, PPC and SERP Along With Content Adhesive

One cannot choose between SEO and social networking or even SEO and pay per click (PPC). The prime reason for this is that they work together and also influence one another depending on the type of activity which is taken up by the SEO professional. Organic content and social media marketing have taken away a part of the credit which SEO+PPC had earlier.

Results of SEO and PPC put together for Tandem:

Data for the year 2012 has shown delicate wavy lines between organic rank and the traffic increased by pay per click. Google noted that PPC could really help sites increase their ranking depending on the organic search results which it received. When the result ranges from 2-4, there is an 82 percent increase in the ad clicks. Similarly, when the organic result is 5 and below, the increase is 96 percent. The next aspect is the impact of SEO and PCC together on the conversions. All one has to do is log into the Google Analytics page and find the multi channel funnels report. The marketers have understood the importance of a holistic virtual marketing strategy and thus, they make use of this data to explain the same. The multi channel data is used to prove or even argue that the results will not remain confined to single channels. While both SEO and PCC had open data about the keywords, it was easy to access the data and find out which phases pushed the conversions to PCC and SEO. This could be used to inform about the optimization of one channel or the other. Since the paid search keyword data is now limited in access, only the SEO data can help with the implementation of the PCC stratagem. Tool companies are ready to take this as a challenge and accomplish it. With the use of web analysis information, one can easily draft them to pages to show the traffic and conversions. It becomes an even more important theory when the focus shifts from key phases to pages.

Integration is the key:

The key here is to blend your SEO activities. Mix the paid searches with the organic search activities to gain better domination in the search engine result pages. This is easier because your brand should invest in parts of this real estate only. Here, content is the adhesive which will ensure that SEO and PPC strategies stay together. It is not only important how influential the 2 channels can be on each other, but how your strategy can be informed in SEO or PCC depending on the information available on the other channel. Eventually, you should understand that however good your website is, it will not fare well in the search engine but will go unnoticed by the browsers if it is not made effective with the help of paid or organic results.

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