Calabasas Family Aims To "Bake It 'Til They Make It"

September 20, 2014 - Calabasas, CA

Freelance business consultant Raechel Taylor builds start-up companies for herself and her clients. A serial entrepreneur for 20 years, she's always found success working 12-hour days as the sole provider and single parent to four teenagers. But when recent contracts failed to pay, her company suffered crippling losses that pushed her family into financial crisis.

"We went from solid ground to emergency mode virtually overnight," Taylor explains. "The irony of investing sweat equity into a business that feeds a client's family at the sacrifice of my own was a big blow and a huge reality check." Faced with losing her home, Taylor is now looking to Sugarloaf Sweets, her gourmet dessert start-up, to raise money quickly. Taylor's goal is to sell 500 gourmet gift breads in the next 2 weeks.

"Hard work is a standard, not an option in my house, so leading by example for my kids has really brought us together despite the pressure," says Taylor. "I create start-ups for a living, that's all I know, so my oldest son Niko pushed me to get my Salted Caramel Blond Banana Bread out there. It was an immediate hit so at this emergency moment, I'm literally prepared to bake it 'til I make it."

With deep experience from her food consultancy Social Order Media, Taylor, a fifth generation baker, created Sugarloaf Sweets on National Banana Bread Day of this year, a pure coincidence yet confirmation that she was onto something. An heirloom family recipe for Blond Banana Bread is the foundation for the impossibly moist and fluffy "Sugarloaf" which is dressed with enchanting toppings and sumptuous drizzles for an experience Taylor describes as "your favorite childhood pastries and candies baked into the ultimate dessert." 

Popular flavors include Salted Caramel Banana Loaf with Pecans and Walnuts, Cherry Cheesecake Banana Loaf with Cinnamon Graham crumble and the Coconut Macaroon Banana Loaf with Dark Chocolate drizzle. Prices start at $6 and ship from Los Angeles, CA via USPS Priority mail in 1-3 days to any destination in the continental United States.

"We hope everyone will take a moment right now to order a few loaves for themselves or as gifts for friends, and even consider pre-ordering holiday gifts as well. Most of all, we hope that people will spread the word to support us. We are truly grateful."

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