M3M Real Estate Projects an Investment Options in Smaller Budgets

Property has always been a top investment option, irrespective of the economic cycle. Anyone who wants to diversify an investment portfolio generally goes for investing in property. But buying a house or a piece of land may look like a mammoth task that requires pots and pots of money. It’s time to shatter these myths and look beyond the Crore plus properties.

Whatever may be your budget, investing in property is not out of reach. All one needs is intelligent thinking, some browsing around and a good solid job that can aid in paying off the loan.

It is not always important to invest in markets that are currently giving great returns. Obviously, those properties will always be red hot and extremely expensive. If your budget is on the lower side, then it is ideal to look for properties that will give great returns in the long run, maybe in developing areas around those “red hot” zones.

Another thing to note, if you are looking for returns from your property starting the date you invest, then the property will always cost you more. Ready to move in flats are more expensive than flats which are just setting their foundation. So research on for townships that are still in the planning stage, or where construction has just begun. Those properties will be cheaper and will have potential for appreciation.

For instance one can get flats in Greater Noida and beyond today for around twenty lakhs, but moving towards Delhi, the prices rise substantially. The fact also remains that properties that are awfully expensive have reached their pinnacle. The rate of appreciation of these properties is not going to be much compared to the upcoming areas around them.

All in all, investing in property is feasible for all budget types. What one really needs is some amount to realism and forward thinking and the capacity to adjust choices as per the budget. So keep in mind if your pocket is tight, then don’t go for the heartland but pick outskirts. And, don’t go for finished projects, but spaces that are still in a development phase.

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