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Summary : An optical store is a place that sells eye glasses and sun glasses. Many optical stores also provide contact lens fittings for either correcting the vision or for cosmetic purposes.

June 27, 2014; Vancouver, BC: The advance in technology has contributed to the invention of high tech eye solutions. The frames of an eyeglass in this present age do not simply hold the purpose of framing the lenses. Eyeglass frames have undergone several changes mainly in the areas of fashion, where colors and designs in variety are produced to meet the growing demands.

Sunglasses have also evolved over the decades with the production of highly advanced lenses to protect the wearer from the harmful rays of the sun. Sunglasses are a must fashion accessory today. Thousands of brands and designers are competing in the market and continuously working to come up with the best designs.

Most people prefer contact lenses to be a greater option over eyeglasses. Contact lenses give a lot of advantages and comfort to the wearer. Contact lenses available in the market today come in several packages. They can be purchased as per the convenience of the wearer as either in packs of 30 for daily disposal wear. They can also find other choices in packs of 60 or 90 etc.

Midgate Optical was established with a purpose, the purpose was to provide quality products to customers so that they keep coming back in the future as well. It is an Optical store in Burnaby that offer thousands of products. From the wide selection of eyeglasses, sunglasses and contact lenses, Midgate Optical has dedicated its service to offer great products at great deals.

The optical store also has an experienced optician Thomas Wong who has had 30 years of experience in fitting soft contact lenses. The store offers top quality products from some of the biggest brands in the industry. Customers can also avail sales and discounts on products and services.

Be it for correcting visual problems or for fashion purposes, Midgate Optical store has just about anything for anyone.

About Midgate Optical: Midgate Optical is a store that offers an array of custom lens shape designs for Silhouette rimless eyewear. The team of staffs at the store makes sure that clients are cared for with the best service.

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