Answering Services Provide Small Business Advantage

Many start-ups and small businesses don’t have the luxury of a large staff. As a result, the limited personnel they have often wear multiple hats, performing a variety of duties. This particularly extends to jobs related to handling calls. Answering services for small businesses can take some of the burden off of staff, giving them more time to work on mission critical tasks.

When your staff are performing secondary duties, they’re not doing the primary job you’ve hired them for. This can result in a deterioration of that work’s quality, as they are distracted by their other tasks. Also, because their skill set may lie in areas other than handling calls, other important work may also suffer.

Small businesses, that is, companies with less than 500 employees, that need dedicated staff to handle incoming calls can benefit greatly by contracting with answering services

When you use an answering service company, you gain the assistance of professionals who are trained to deal with customer service or other calls. They’ll know how to handle irate customers, transfer calls to the appropriate person and handle requests for information. Random employees at your company better suited for other tasks can’t compete with the level of service offered by a professional answering company.

Answering services work when you need them. Whether it’s a holiday, night time or on the weekend, the answering service company you choose will be able to provide service at your convenience and that of your customers.

A key benefit of contracting out to an answering service company is the capital savings you’ll enjoy. Many companies make substantial investments in communications infrastructure such as phone systems to handle calls. When you outsource to an answering service company, that company provides equipment to its employees. This reduces the amount you must invest into obtaining and maintaining phone systems and other communications infrastructure.

Taking the burden of answering calls off your staff will leave them free to pursue their other work tasks. This helps employees stay focused and also reduces frustration that may be associated with high-skilled employees having to handle phone-answering tasks.

Using an answering service also allows businesses to avoid increased employee costs, such as salaries, insurance and payroll taxes among others. By outsourcing your company’s phone answering needs to outside contractors, you could net substantial savings.

Working with an answering service company allows businesses to stay lean and ensure quality customer care – a worthwhile investment for growing small businesses.

Bio: Endicott Comm Inc., founded in 2007, provides answering service solutions to clients in a variety of fields. Whether it’s technology, medical, or sales companies, Endicott has the people and communication infrastructure to ensure important calls are handled properly.