Legal Representation for DUI Offenses from Mr. Ticket

[LOS ANGELES, January 28, 2014] – Mr. Ticket, an experienced traffic ticket defense attorney in California, is offering specialized legal representation for drivers facing DUI offenses. The defense attorney can drastically increase their chances of winning by presenting a more compelling case on their behalf. Mr. Ticket has extensive experience with California traffic laws along with court procedures and rules. Through its legal representation, the lawyers will help clients get dismissed with their DUI or DWI offense penalties.

Mr. Ticket is aware that driving under influence or driving while intoxicated is one of the most serious offenses and is responsible for several deaths in California each year. Drivers under DUI offense penalties often face license suspension, heavy fines, and jail time. To help them out, Mr. Ticket will make the litigation process as easy and trouble-free as possible.

Protecting Clients’ Personal Records

The legal assistance of Mr. Ticket is vital not only to beat DUI offense penalties, but also to prevent the violation from affecting the defendant’s quality of life. These offenses could substantially increase insurance rates, and they could even lose their license with enough points on their record. To help them out, Mr. Ticket provides professional legal services to present their case well in court proceedings and increase their chances of winning.

24/7Legal Assistance 

The defense attorney moves quickly, and does everything he can to resolve clients’ legal situation in a cost-effective and successful manner. Its professional and efficient legal staff is dedicated to making the clients’ legal experience a positive one. They make their services available to clients across California 24 hours a day, and handle court cases in any part of the state.

About Mr. Ticket

Mr. Ticket, attorney Amir Soleimanian, is the leader and founder of the Law Offices of Amir Soleimanian and Associates. He specializes in traffic law and offers professional legal services to drivers faced with any type of traffic violation. His practice has a reputation for excellence and honesty, and is committed to serving clients in any given legal situation in Los Angeles, San Diego, and all over California.

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