Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR Spices Up Client Roster as the Team Welcomes on Model Carolyn Brennan

Proving that there are truly no limits to their growth, New York City based PR firm, Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR, (, adds yet another fabulous new client to their roster; UK Pharmacist-turned-model, actress and socialite, Carolyn Brennan, joins the client list with hopes of showcasing her distinctive role in the fashion industry. Brennan will be working closely with the firm’s Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Division to establish a presence in U.S. markets and show women there's still life after 50. With her new lease on life Brennan began her modeling career at 48 in hopes of proving women can be sexy, fun, and full of life at any age. Clients like Brennan show the versatility and scope of work that is currently the being done at BPMPR. The ever expanding public relations firm is busy filling up it's roster one-of-a-kind clients such as Brennan.

 “Carolyn is a really unique and fun client,” begins CEO and founder of Beautiful Planning Marketing & PR, Monique Tatum. “Her story is empowering and her personality is incredible. Seriously! How inspiring, dropping everything to completely do a 180 on your life, that takes a lot of guts. We love to work with clients like this because of their contagious encouragement. As we've grown over the years we've learned what kinds of clients we like working with so expanding our Fashion, Beauty and Lifestyle Division with Carolyn Brennan was a no brainier. We're carefully taking on projects that are important to us as well.”


From taking on individual brands to large international entities like GREEN EMBASSY and W Concept, BPMPR tailors their public relations and marketing strategies to meet the ever changing, diverse needs of their clients. Through careful selection the PR firm successfully takes on various cleints with distinct approaches. The firm has worked with a definitive assortment of clients such as authors, singers, physicians, and stylists, and has been involved in countless industries such as entertainment, fashion, technology, restaurant, and much more. BPMPR also prides itself on working between various aspects of marketing and public relations for their clients' projects such as media out reach, event planning, business development, sponsorship obtainment, branding and more. BPMPR is currently gearing up for its second annual “The Reality of FASHION The Reality of AIDS” celebrity and reality star fundraiser. This year’s show is already drawing considerable celebrity participation.


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