Vaccines: The End of Illness

New to Insight Pharma Reports is Vaccines: The End of Illness. This report focuses on the most recent vaccine research, emphasizing their reputation as an unmatched tool of efficient healthcare. Their low cost, extended protection and the impossibility of their circumvention through development of resistance on the part of the target pathogen have been longstanding attributes of vaccines. Today, vaccine technology is undergoing a fundamental revolution, taking advantage of the profound understanding of the immune system and its ability to mount protective antibody production and cell-based responses to foreign antigens. Understanding these properties will not only enable the development of innovative diagnostics but also the advancement of therapeutic applications.

Specific Highlights Include:

This report profiles some of the major pharma companies involved in vaccine R&D and a number of biotech companies developing new vaccine products and technologies - including 35 small pharma companies and 8 big pharma companies profiled

The logistics and management of the vaccine industry are increasingly based on partnerships between the private sector (pharma and biotech companies), government agencies (WHO) and large non-profits (such as the Gates Foundation).

An assessment of the future directions of vaccines as innovative medical therapies for a wide range of diseases.

Explores conditions not normally thought to be in purview of vaccination, including substance abuse and neurological disorders such as Alzheimers disease and Parkinsons disease.

Survey of industry experts concerning the political economic and technological future of vaccine technology.

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Vaccines: The End of Illness