February and March Productions from Naxos AudioBooks

As is common for Naxos AudioBooks, our February and March releases focus on classic works of literature spanning MORE than a few centuries.These aren't just productions being release in a physical format. Naxos AudioBooks will also be releasing download-only productions more frequently. We of course want to offer those to you for review just as we do the physical productions. Please see below under "March Releases" to learn about our latest digital productions.

We'd also like to thank Audiofile Magazine for including two of our productions in the SYNC program again this year.  From May 22-28, listeners 13 and up will be able to download Oedipus the Kingby Sophocles, performed by Michael Sheen and a full cast, to satisfy their summer reading lists. Starting on July 17 and ending on July 25, The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes II by Arthur Conan Doyle, narrated by David Timson, will be available. All SYNC downloads are free. To learn more, please visit the SYNC website.

In April, watch for a new production of Madame Bovary as read by Juliet Stevenson...


Virginia Woolf
Jacob’s Room (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Juliet Stevenson

Published in 1922, the same year as Ulysses and The Waste Land, Jacob’s Room is Virginia Woolf’s own modernist manifesto. Ostensibly a study of a young man’s life on the eve of the Great War, it is really a bomb thrown into the world of the conventional novel, as she attempts to capture the richness and randomness of life’s encounters. Jacob Flanders is a mere point of contact between a crowd of people, appearing and disappearing in a tableau in which all is flux, without certainty and without a controlling viewpoint. But it seems that the author could not maintain this rigorous impersonality, and the radical technique breaks down, so that we finally see Jacob as a person, just as his world is blown apart. Find out more about Jacob's Room here.

Thomas Hardy
The Return of the Native (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Nicholas Rowe

In the remote wildness of Egdon Heath, the crossed love affairs and marriages of a small group of people are played out against the background of nature’s beauty and indifference to mankind. Through a series of vivid incidents and encounters, The Return of the Native moves in a relentless drive towards tragedy, as the plans and dreams of the lovers miscarry, defeated by chance, or destiny or self-deception. In their unhappy stories, Hardy gives us a powerful dramatiZation of his bleak philosophy, his belief in man’s helplessness before the malevolence of the universe. Find more about The Return of the Native here.


Edward Gibbon
The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire, Volume II (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by David Timson

The Decline and Fall of the Roman Empire has always maintained its initial appeal to both the general public and scholars alike. Its sheer scale is daunting, encompassing over a millennium of history, covering not merely the Western Empire from the days of the early emperors to its extinction in AD 476, but also the Eastern Empire, which lasted for another thousand years until the Turks vanquished it in 1453. But Gibbon’s style, part historical fact and part literature, is enticing, and the sheer honesty of the man, who endeavors to be scrupulously impartial in his presentation, endears him to the reader. In this recording, David Timson incorporates the most salient of Gibbon’s footnotes. In Volume II (Chapters XVI–XXVI), Gibbon continues his powerful history of the Empire, shining the spotlight on some of the best-known figures and their impact on the growing influence of Christianity, including Nero and, three centuries later, Constantine, whose establishment of Constantinople resulted in the division of the Empire into East and West. Gibbon also presents a sympathetic portrait of Julian, whose wisdom, courage and clarity bore the hallmarks of the great emperor that Rome needed.

Acclaim from Publishers Weekly for Volume I: "This masterful performance of a classic work is a must listen for anyone who loves history."

Jen Green
Dinosaurs (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Benjamin Soames

Journey back in time to the age of the dinosaurs, the biggest, scariest creatures the world has ever known. Which dinosaurs hunted in packs like wolves? What was the deadliest dinosaur of them all? Which were the very largest species? Not all dinosaurs were bloodthirsty meat-eaters, but all were armed and dangerous. You are advised to keep well clear as we tour the world of the dinosaurs, taking a detailed look at all the most amazing species. Find out more about Dinosaurs here.


Thomas Hardy
The Woodlanders (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Stephen Thorne

Set in the tiny hamlet of Little Hintock, The Woodlanders tells of love, deception, ambition and tragedy, all unfolding themselves against the background of the majestic forest where the simple inhabitants live in harmony with nature. Two sets of characters, the woodlanders and the sophisticated outsiders, meet and interact, and learn too late to distinguish emotional truth from falsehood. Filled with his familiar themes and characters, this is a classic Hardy novel in which human care and striving are overshadowed by the eternal rhythms of nature. Find out more about The Woodlanders here.

Virginia Woolf
Read by Frances Jeater

The Waves traces the lives of six friends from childhood to old age. It was written when Virginia Woolf was at the height of her experimental literary powers, and she allows the characters to tell their own stories, through powerful, poetic monologues. By listening to these voices struggling to impose order and meaning on their lives we are drawn into a literary journey which stunningly reproduces the complex, confusing and contradictory nature of human experience. Find out more about The Waves here.

Virginia Woolf
Night and Day (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Juliet Stevenson

Written before she began her experiments in the writing of fiction, Virginia Woolf’s second novel, Night and Day, is a story about a group of young people trying to discover what it means to fall in love. It asks all the big questions: What does it mean to fall in love? Does marriage grant happiness? What is happiness? Find out more about Night and Day here.

Oliver Goldsmith
The Vicar of Wakefield (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Nicholas Farrell

First published in 1766 and a perennial favorite since then, The Vicar of Wakefield is built around the naïve but loveable figure of Dr Primrose. He and his family live in rural bliss until disaster threatens to destroy their happiness: abduction, impoverishment and betrayal combine to lay them low, but a surprising figure brings hope when all seems lost. Find out more about The Vicar of Wakefield here.

George Eliot
Silas Marner (AUDIO SAMPLE)
Read by Anna Bentinck

Here is a tale straight from the fireside. We are compelled to follow the humble and mysterious figure of the linen weaver Silas Marner, on his journey from solitude and exile to the warmth and joy of family life. His path is a strange one; when he loses his hoard of hard-earned coins all seems to be lost, but in place of the golden guineas come the golden curls of a child − and from desolate misery comes triumphant joy. Find out more about Silas Marner here.

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