Atlogys Offers Top Class Business - IT Interface Solutions

Atlogys is a technical consulting firm that offers top-class business-IT interface solutions. The company is headed by an Ex-Google woman entrepreneur and is also a role-model when it comes to hiring women in technology for leading roles and positions.

Atlogys Technical Consulting the leading IT consulting firm offers Business-IT interface services as a part of its IT consulting solutions. Atlogys does technology strategy consulting. The company insiders claim that their technology evangelists understand the business vision of the clients, and then formulate the *right* technical execution strategy which is in sync with the client’s budget and time goals. This way they act as an Offshore CTO (Chief Technology Officer) and become the interface between the business and the IT side of things. Atlogys CTO consultants work collaboratively with the clients to do technical feasibility analysis and formulate detailed software application specifications (SRS) which are customized and aligned specifically with the business objectives of the company. Head office of Atlogys is located at R-42, Greater Kailash I, New Delhi – 110048.

A company representative cited that, “At Atlogys we allow the clients to focus on their business and NOT software. We help our clients in identifying inefficient practices as well as various models of operations. We further work on them so that they can be improved and streamlined with the aid of information technology and services. On the other hand, we offer business process and business strategy consulting that can help the client company in rationalizing their operations for an efficient IT operability. Further on we also aid in conceptualizing and suggesting optimal IT solutions that can help in addressing the problem. All in all the problems get solved to ultimately resolve all cost and value addition needs.”

Atlogys has been founded by Ritika Sanghi who is herself an Honors B.Sc graduate in Computer Science from Carnegie Mellon University. Winner of both the Google Anita Borg technical Scholorship and the Microsoft technical scholarship, Ritika has strong roots in large scale architecture design of web and mobile systems. Ritika was also a strong activist and member of the Women@SCS community at Carnegie Mellon. She has also taken part in Computer Science outreach programs in USA and enlightened women on advantages of careers in high-tech. . She was also a senior software engineer at Google in California for four years. . No wonder that the company has set a benchmark as far as employing women in the field of computer science is concerned. Additionally the company has significantly employed women in most of the leading positions and is highly focused on doing exceptional quality and cutting-edge work.

“We work on state-of-the-art technologies in various domains of web and mobile application development. Besides, we are constantly in the lookout for passionate women engineers who can join us on board and work with our teams across various domains. Besides our founder, our senior tech lead is also a women scientist and we have an all women QAteam. Our operations wing is handled by an all women HR team and is managed by a woman HR manager. We also have women carrying out significant roles in positions like business analysis, software engineers, and , marketing. n the company.” added a company convoy.

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About Atlogys

Atlogys is an IT Consulting Services company started by Ex-Google Senior Software Engineers. Atlogys has been offering Chief Technology Officer (CTO) grade IT consulting solutions to silicon valley entrepreneurs in the domain of large scale web and mobile applications. The company does cutting edge architecture design and manages the process of software outsourcing so as to deliver a hassle-free and cost effective 'end-to-end' software development experience to all clients. Atlogys employs experienced and passionate computer scientists, software engineers and business professionals from tier 1 colleges most of whom are smart women professionals. They cater to the needs of businesses of all sizes across various verticals and institutes.