Who are you gonna call for world class office furniture? OfficeBusters!

Makati, Philippines – OfficeBusters is one major reuse industry in the Philippines that resells cost effective and environmental-friendly Japan office furniture and equipment surplus with assured durability, high quality and good design.

OfficeBusters carries the 6 major brands of high quality furniture in Japan: Okamura, Kokuyo, Itoki, Uchida, Steelcase, Herman Miller, all of which holds the pioneer and professional workers and has been leaders in the industry for over 100 years.

Assured factors that are present in these surpluses are durability, high quality, and good design. These products they produce are mandated by the government to pass the Japanese Industrial Standard (JIS). JIS requires steel furniture must adhere to steel thickness, screw, painting and other parts that can last at least 15 years. Japanese companies are very particular when it comes to office furniture designs because they believe that the office environment affects the creativity and imagination of the workers

The items being resold by OfficeBusters can be refurbished or be used as vintage pieces to add character to offices. Settling for second best doesn’t always mean getting the poorer end of a bargain.

OfficeBusters has a delivery service on a per batch basis. Charges may apply depending on the volume and location. All bought furniture undergoes free cleaning before delivery. If the customers will need help on how to assemble certain items, the staff can be requested to go to their location depending on the availability but for a quicker fix, the staff can readily assist the customers via phone anytime. Visiting the store gives the customers a free design consultation to fit-out their desired office layout.

About OfficeBusters

OfficeBusters is a major distributor and retailer of top quality surplus office furniture and equipment in Japan. OfficeBusters in the Philippines has become a major reuse industry in the country. Its first store opened in December 2006 and over the years it has expanded its operations in several warehouse retail stores in Manila and in provincial areas.

Officebusters Philippines is a partnership between Officebusters Japan and Tetra Technologies Distribution Incorporated. Tetra Technologies Distribution Inc. is an IT company that is engaged in BPO and IT services for over 20 years. Tetra is part of LICA Group of Companies, a group of companies that engages in car dealerships, finance, real estate,

The company’s mission is to empower small and medium enterprises and entrepreneurs with world class quality and services, and lower cost business facilities and equipment using 3R (Reuse/Reduce/Recycle) business practices. Their vision is to be the No.1 Total 3R trading company in the Philippines by creating an environmentally-sustainable society through their products and services.


All 9 branches of OfficeBusters operate at least 6 times a week. The branches in Makati, Mandaluyong, Las Piñas, Balintawak and Quezon City are open from Mondays to Sundays. Malabon, Batangas, Dau and Cebu branches are open only until Saturday.


729-0733 and 621-6799



Las Piñas



990-5771 and 990-5772

Quezon City

410-89-38 and 568-18-26



Lipa, Batangas

(043) 702-2635

Dau, Pampanga

(045) 892-4638


(032) 520-1904

For inquiries, you can email at or visit to see the complete listing of products, the store operating hours, the office addresses and the FAQs.


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