The Nominee List Of First Group Of Fitness Hall Of Fame Is Announced


Rancho Santa Margarita, CA (June 12, 2014) - has recently launched the list of nominees for the first group of Fitness Hall of Fame 2014. People, from the industry and others can conveniently choose their favorite candidates and vote accordingly. The voting process would start from June 16th and continue till June 24th. The name of the winners would be declared along with a web based ceremony on July 1st.

Dr Ellis says, “Summer is the perfect time to celebrate these individuals who represent the pinnacle of fitness and accomplishment in their areas of expertise,” He adds, “We look forward to honoring the men and women who continue to pave the way for the rest of us when it comes to better health, fitness and wellness.”

Dr. John Spencer Ellis, a respectable personality of this industry, has recently launched this event to honor the prominent figures of this field, fitness legends, pioneers of the fitness industry, leading personal trainers and world’s best personal trainers. The contribution of the deserving personalities, who have fulfilled the sector with their expertise and knowledge, would be acknowledged through this specialized Fitness Hall of Fame.

As per the website, the nominees for the 2014 Fitness Hall of Fame are:

Educational Leader:
• Paul Chek
• Peter and Kathie Davis
• Pavel Tsatsouline
• Dr. Kwame M. Brown
• Dax Moy
• Eric Cressey
• Martin Rooney

• Jack LaLanne
• Joe Weider

Under 40 Trend Setters:
• AJ Roberts
• Brad Pilon
• Jillian Michaels
• John Berardi
• Bill Beck III
• Eric Cressey

Living Legend:
• Paul Chek
• Phil Kaplan
• Bill Pearl
• Greg Justice
• Arnold Bill Phillip

• Martin Rooney
• Mike Boyle
• Alwyne Cosgrove
• Zach Even-esh
• Chalene Johnson
• Todd Durkin
• Greg Justice

• Marc Lebert
• Randy Hetrick
• Les Mills
• Louies Simmons
• Pavel Tsatsouline

A significant part, collected from this Fitness Hall of Fame, would be given for charitable trust, the Get America Fit Foundation and donations are accepted to continue similar fitness legacies and provide opportunities in the coming days at,

About The Fitness Hall of Fame:
Launched in 2014 by fitness pioneer Dr. John Spencer Ellis has launched a Fitness Hall of Fame in 2014. This is created to honors the icons of the fitness industry.

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