RedFlag Notification System For Multi-Tenant Properties

Emergency and crisis are times that call for efficient and timely communication of important information to all the parties concerned, so that damage can be kept to the minimum.

RedFlag Notification System is a means to achieve that end by broadcasting informational messages to the stakeholders in a crisis situation. The emergency notification system helps to overcome the challenges that crop up in case of emergency communication in multi-tenant properties. A multi-tenant property requires information to be sent out to a widely dispersed audience that includes employees, contractors, and tenants. That is possible through RedFlag’s multi-channel feature.

The multi-channel feature allows sending of voice, text, and email messages. In addition, posts can also be put up on social networking sites such as Facebook so that important information gets the maximum readership among the concerned parties. The notification system helps to ensure that a multi-tenant property is crisis-ready. This goes a long way in retaining the confidence of investors as well as tenants.

One of the best ways to handle any emergency is communicating the right information to the right people at the right time. Some of the features of RedFlag Notification System for multi-tenant properties are:

  • Tenants can easily be notified of unexpected property-related issues such as closures, outages, emergency maintenance, damaged property, or local events that might hinder access to the property.

  • It is also possible to keep the staff and tenants up-to-date with respect to information pertaining to emergency situation such as weather change, criminal activity, evacuation notices in case of impending bomb threats, criminal and violent activities, or onsite police activity.

  • Besides these, the notification system also enables users to select their preferred mode of receiving communication messages, efficient distribution of routine communications, and updating the social media channels automatically.

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